You are the girl who keeps the world at your finger tips but instead of asking what the world can give you, you ask the world what you can give it. Your heart and intentions are pure, but most of all you are misunderstood. Society does not see many girls like you, and your worth is abundant.

You are the girl who sees the very best in people even when it has become exhausting to you. You have been taken advantage of, but most importantly it seems like you haven't learned your lesson in the eyes of others. You may have been hurt, walked over and used but in the end you do not give up on anyone.

Your faith has wavered, but in the end you know exactly who is to thank for where you are today.

Your servants heart is no curse, but instead it is a blessing to the world, and please never lose your heart.

In this world, As a girl with a servants heart you will be hurt and broken, because you will not understand that not everyone has the same heart as you. In relationships, you will love and give without hesitation. In friendships, you will go above and beyond for them. Most importantly, you will view life with the mindset that everyone deserves compassion and a helping hand.

When the world tests you and gives you every reason to give up on others and become cold and emotionless, keep going. Keep pushing because you are what the world needs, you are not afraid to serve others. You are passionate in your pursuit to please the one true and high king, and though others may not understand, you are perfect the way you are. Even when you are ridiculed for your compassion for others and their needs, use that as your motivation to keep on.

You are genuine and beautiful my darling