To The Girl Who Used To Be My Person

There was a time when no matter who had said anything or did anything to hurt me, you were the person I would run to. You were my person. There was nobody else I did anything with, laughed with, gossiped with, or fought with. You and I were there for each other through every boy phase, and every heartbreak, and every sad or happy event in our lives. Boys were mean, so we had to stick together.

I don’t think I can hardly ever remember a day that we weren’t together. You were always at my house or I was always at yours. We spent every waking moment with each other and it was awesome to have a best friend like you. I know there were times when it wasn’t as awesome to have a best friend like me for reasons that only you and I know, but you accepted my flaws and still called me your person.

You went on my family vacations and I went on yours. We went to the lake every weekend and had so much fun. Your family was my family, and my family was yours. You saw every raw moment in my life (good or bad), and I saw every raw moment in your life. You knew every secret of mine that I could ever tell, and you were always my shoulder to cry on. There was never a moment that you didn't make me laugh.

I never will forget the times that we did things that made perfect sense at the time, but looking back now I think, “what the heck were we thinking”. You know the times I’m talking about; I don’t even have to say them. We were like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

It makes me really sad sometimes. I hear our best friend anthem, or I hear a Taylor Swift song and I just get sad, because it brings back memories of us screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I had such a great friend in you and for whatever reason, it's just not like that anymore. I mean, we don’t hate each other now, but we aren’t as close as we used to be… we both know that. You just got busy with your life and I got busy with mine.

Sometimes I see you and it’s just like we never skipped a beat. We can pick right back up where we left off and it’s perfect and it works. But sometimes, it’s just super weird. Not because I don’t like you or because you don’t like me, but because it’s just not the same. It’s not the same because we aren’t the same. It makes me so sad because I wish I had my best friend back. And now that I look at it, our best friend breakup was way worse than any legit relationship breakup I have ever had. But I just look at the blessing of having someone like you as a best friend for the 6+ years that I did.

I’m so thankful for the memories that I do have with you, Moo. I will always love you just like my sister. And I will always remember the times we had together. And I hope one day if we ever have daughters, that they can be best friends.

I know we’ve had our ups and downs. But to me, the ups will always be way more relevant and memorable than the downs ever will be. I hope one day maybe we can rekindle that connection we once had, but if not… just know I will always be your friend. And anytime you need me I’m always a phone call away. Thank you for being my person for the time that you were. And thank you for showing me what it was like to value a friendship and to understand how to be true a friend.

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