Ladies, we've all been there. The one guy who only texts you when it's convenient for him. The one guy who you see at a frat party and he comes right over to you after dropping you for months. The one that always has an excuse for whatever he's done. The one who is an absolute smooth talker with no action to back it up. Run away from him like he's the plague, because let's be honest, he pretty much is.

You see, guys like this just want to live their life. It's something that I'm learning. They all have the same interests and the same ideas, but yet they're still so difficult. They want to experience what it's like to be young, wild and free. They want to be selfish and they want to have someone there, but not someone they have to be committed to 100%. Don't feel bad if you're the one they won't commit to, it's not anything you've done.

To the girl chasing these types of guys, don't. I know it's hard. For whatever weird reason, humans want what they can't have, they enjoy a chase. But girls, do not put yourself through that heartache. Don't chase the guy because you think he's a missing piece. Because I'm here to tell you he's not. He's just something to fill the void of whatever it is you know deep down you're missing. And it's not going to end well for you.

Maybe you feel like you can change him from whatever it is he is doing; Don't think that way. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change a guy who does not want to be changed. You can gripe at him, tell him everything you're wanting, beg and plead and cry... it's not going to work. A guy will change when he is ready to, and sadly sometimes they are never ready to.

Maybe you feel as though he is the right person in the wrong time. Don't waste your time hoping for this, move on with your life and maybe years down the road when you both have matured and did some soul searching you can find your way back. But like I said, don't wait around for that to happen.

If you do decide to chase this guy time and time again, don't be blinded. There are many signs that show you that he's not going to invest, that he's not going to change, or that he just doesn't really want to be with you as bad as you do him. Don't settle for this. Don't let your heart try to trick your mind. Trust your gut.

Don't chase the one who always makes up excuses for his bad behavior. Don't chase the one who has sweet words, but no action. Especially don't chase the one who makes you beg and plead for his attention only to deny you while you spend your night crying and wondering what you did wrong. Chase yourself, ladies. Invest in yourself.

Find out these things: what it is you want in a significant other. Find out what you like to do, what you don't like to do. Find people who you can trust and have fun with. Find your inner strength, your morals, your beliefs. Find what your wants are and what your needs are. Allow yourself to be comfortable being alone and not depending on someone else for your happiness. Find out who you are. Because that is what life is really about.

Don't waste your whole life by chasing after a guy who more than likely isn't worth it, and not finding yourself. The right guy will come later, and he will chase you, if you invest in yourself first. So for now, chase yourself. Figure out who you are and what you want to do. Try and find your purpose and run with it. Live life and enjoy yourself.