To The Early Christmas Fanatics

The leaves are changing from green to beautiful hues of orange, golden-yellow and red. The wind has a little bit of a chill in it and the seasonal "PSL" has been brought back behind the counters of local coffee shops. Fall has officially fallen upon us and it's truly a wonderful time to be alive. However, while most people are savoring breaking out their vests, boots and moccasins for the first time in a year and planning out their intricate Halloween costumes, there are the select (and quite incredible) few who are blindly enjoying the autumn festivities with a completely different time of year on their mind.

What time of year you ask?

That's right, you guessed it.


We may be some of the most hated (but secretly loved) people on the planet because of our over abundance of love for this particular holiday, but we certainly don't let it get us down. For all those trying to tell you that you can't begin celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving, please forgive them for their horrible lies; they just simply don't understand the proper celebratory methods.

The Christmas season begins when you want it to, and us hardcore Christmas junkies want it to begin as soon as the first leaf changes to orange and the temperature drops below 60 degrees.

These are the clear signs that it is finally socially acceptable to throw on your ugly sweaters and switch on your Bing Crosby CD while cooking up some delicious Christmas Tree shaped sugar cookies (no time for the gym anymore!)

And if that's how you spent the entirety of your Monday and ran out of time for watching Rudolph while sipping on hot cocoa (or even going to work), don't worry, you have six more days to pile all of the fun in and forget about work even more.

We welcome all of our friends and family to join us in our celebrations, but most often we're told "no" and that we're annoying and Christmas isn't for another two months, even though we made them a nice meal of candy, candy cane, candy corn and syrup for dinner.

Well then, "friends and family," we're terribly sorry that you don't feel the same, but hey, don't hate us 'cause you ain't us.

Christmas is the time of year for singing loud for all to hear and spreading cheer. You can't be mad at someone for simply wanting to make the world a happier, merrier place.

Here's to the much anticipated Christmas season and the joyous people who are ready to get down with their happy holiday selves a whole two months early, you know who you are.

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