Thank you. Since you left me, I eat better now, I don't have to feel guilty for eating that second piece of pizza or having dessert. I can eat ice cream or cake without counting calories, because your ex-girlfriend was model-sized and you "missed" that.

I don't wonder if my outfit makes me look slutty or if my shorts are "too short" because I realize it's my body and I have nice thighs. I can go out to a club, even a sports bar, without feeling as if I'm a horrible person for not staying home and waiting for your call.

I tend to smile a lot more, even laugh now. I can laugh at a guy's joke freely, without being scared of an argument. I can go on Twitter freely and "retweet" my favorite lyrics to a song, even if a guy tweets it. I don't think twice about accepting friend requests anymore, guy or girl.

I don't worry about whether or not going to dinner with a friend would cause a fight, actually, I don't have to ask permission to go out with a friend.

I appreciate you leaving because I would never have had the courage to. I'm grateful you left me, so that I could focus on myself.


A Better Version of Myself