To The Best Friend I Call "Mom"
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To The Best Friend I Call "Mom"

Because my mom is the realest one on my team, always.

To The Best Friend I Call "Mom"
Miah Cooper

Mom, I don't think you will ever be able to understand how much I love you.

Thank you for being the 48 year old me. I don't know how we do it, spend hours on hours together every single day when we are so much alike.

THE SASS - my goodness, the sass. I never thought I would meet anyone nearly as sassy as I am, but it turns out it's my mother.

THE DRAMATICS - you think I'm a drama queen... Let's just say I get it honestly.

THE HEART - A blessing and a curse. We love so hard and we are willing to take on the world for everybody, with or without a thank you.

THE LOOKS - God bless you for this face, mom. We literally have the same one. Thank you for the comfort in knowing that I'm (still) going to be flawless in 27 years.

I know I'll never be able to completely put into words the many ways that I love you, mom. You have helped me grow into this wonderful woman with so much promise. In a childhood that lacked media representation of powerful black women, I had my mom (and she had Oprah). I don't know many people who are ridiculously attached to their mother the way that I am, but I'm not ashamed. Granny calls me your shadow, appropriately.

To all the moms out there that are selfless, hardworking, giving, and sacrificing - you will never know how much you are appreciated. To all the moms with sassy, eye-rolling daughters, thank you for your patience. To all the moms who made it their goal to make sure your kids valued relationships with each other, thank you.

I'm happy to be so similar to someone as amazing as you. You have strangely tripled as a friend, a sister, and a mother.

So thank you -

For being the "cool mom", my friends adore you.

For teaching me that my sensitivity is not a flaw.

For all the secrets you kept for a couple extra days on my behalf.

For praising my poetry always, and making me feel talented.

For all the shopping trips that we both know we don't need.

For guiding me towards the perfect career path.

For never going a single day without telling me you love me.

For watching every TV genre across the board with me.

For scooting over, or coming down the hall when I have bad nights or bad dreams.

For putting my heart back together every time the world breaks it.

For happily merging closets with me.

For all those days we do nothing more than lay in bed and order pizza.

For the moments you make me laugh so hard my stomach gets pained.

For teaching me from a young age that throughout calamity, love always remains.

For supporting my addiction to changing my hair every two weeks.

And for always sharing my selfies on Facebook.

Everything you are, mom, is everything I aspire to be.

You are one of a kind, Tina. I love you so much it hurts.

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