To My Sweet Nephew
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To My Sweet Nephew

To My Sweet Nephew

To My Sweet Nephew

As you get older there are so many things I always want you to know...

1. You have had my heart since the day I found out about you.

I was so nervous at first then I was too excited that I was going to have a little person in my life.. When I found out you were going to be a little boy I was sad because I couldn't put you in tutus or bows but I sure could buy little khaki pants and plaid shirts for you.

2. The Day you were born was so crazy!

The day you were born I rushed through my test at school because your mom told me she was having you... I was so excited I was crying.. I was getting to see my little nephew and god child on this very day! It was one of the best days I have ever experienced.. your mom is my favorite person and has been since we were 11.. I know you will never read this.. But I was so scared to hold you I was forced to hold you.. I was getting dizzy and sweating to death.. But seriously looking at you I wanted to cry because there was a little life in my hands that had come from my best friend and I was so blessed to have you.... You had changed everyones life and we all were so lucky.. There were so many people there to see you.. We all loved you so much... You hated me until you were about 4 months old... It was probably because all my horrible music I played when your mom was pregnant with you...

3. When I felt like you hated me.

Sweet boy you would cry every time you would look at me or I would hold you and that actually broke my heart because I just wanted to love you so I just forget about that because now you LOVE YOUR AUNTIE!

4. When You Started To Love You Auntie.

I made you laugh and it was the best feeling ever... Seeing your cute little smile was such an accomplishment.. Whenever your mommy and daddy let me babysit is even better because I love to do it I have so much fun doing it and being able to sing baby shark to you and rock you to sleep is the best feeling.. I love being your auntie when you don't hate me.. You are growing up so fast sweet boy and it is so crazy because your mommy is doing such an awesome job raising you!

5. As you get older.

As you get older.. You are going to be so smart.. You are going to always remember all of us crazies singing baby shark to you or trying to make you laugh in weird ways it will all come back in flashes... You will be so thankful for your mom and how hard she is working to provide such a good life for you.. She is doing so much for you with going to school and taking care of you everyday.... She wouldn't have it any other way.. Cherish your mother when you get older shes the best possible person to have... She will be your best friend and have the best advice but she will tell you how it is when it is needed... She is doing such an awesome job I know you can see that right now.. You're so good for auntie so be like that for your mommy all the time.. We all love you so much.. I can't wait to watch you grow up and be apart of your everyday life you are going to make us all so proud... We love you so so much and we are so thankful god put you in our life...

6. I love You Always

I will always love you and if you ever need anyone ever I will always be here. I love you so much I will be your second momma and the cool aunt.. Or at least try to be even when I tell you that your screaming now isn't necessary at times. I still love you! Thanks for being my biggest blessing and your parents favorite thing in the whole world. You are so loved sweet boy! Just remember I am the cool aunt and you will be one spoiled little dude.

Love the cool Aunt!

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