A Letter To My Supportive Friends
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A Letter To My Supportive Friends

This one is for you.


Hello My Loves,

As you know, I have a lot of love in my heart, a lot to give. So, today, I have decided that I want to tell you how much you really do mean to me. You do so much more for me than you think. I think it's time for you to know what you have done for me.

When I was growing up, I had a lot of "friend issues" as I call it. I hopped from group to group and never really found people who would accept me and who I felt like I belonged with. Then, junior year came and I met my best friend. From then on, I realized what friends are supposed to be like, which I never really got to experience before. It was different. I had someone to listen to me and put me first when I needed to be put first. I had support and motivation to do better, having good friends felt different. As cheesy as it sounds, it felt meant to be.

As time progressed, I met more of you. You make me feel whole. If you know me, you know I went through hard times within high school and getting to USC. It wasn't a walk in the park; it was a lot of stress, hard work, dedication, hurt, and even heartbreak. You have listened to it, helped me through it, even if you don't think you did. Getting through that shaped me to be who I am. And here I am, the most me version of me I've ever been. You've been there, you may not have seen or know everything that happened, but you were there and that was what I needed. Going through all of these hard times, you were the thing I was waiting for. The thing that made the phrase, "It'll get better" ring true.

There were times in my life when I felt so lost. I will never forget those specific moments with you. When you listened, almost knew exactly what I was thinking without me saying it. I remember when I cried in front of you (happy tears or sad tears) and you hugged me. Told me this is just the beginning. It's still the beginning. Today, I still struggle with thinking every ending is the last one, and that there's nothing waiting for me after. Life has proved me wrong, there's always been a new beginning. Yet through all of this, you've been there. Even if we weren't talking at that time, I knew you were in my life for a reason. I knew that there was a plan, and someone I loved that much doesn't go away forever.

What's great about you is that I know you are always there. If I called you crying, you would stop and listen and tell me everything's okay. You would tell me that you wish I was there with you. You would tell me things will get better.

I'm writing this because I need you to know what I would do for you. I need you to know what you have done for me, and why I would do anything for you. I will always have love in my heart for you. And when you need it, you are my priority, you always come first. One time I almost had a panic attack because I thought I hurt you. I cried when I thought I disappointed you. It kills me to think that I could ever hurt one of you, and anything I do never has bad intentions toward you I promise. I love you with my whole heart, and since I've loved you once I can never stop loving you. I am here for you like you've been for me.

Call me anytime. I love you.



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