To My Roommate At The end Of Our Freshman Year
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To My Roommate At The end Of Our Freshman Year

See you around, roommie.

To My Roommate At The end Of Our Freshman Year
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To the other half of room 230,

I have to say that I never thought my freshman year would've happened the way it did, but I'm glad it did. I couldn't have wished for a better roommate, either. However, I am disappointed to be able to say we aren't as close as we were in the beginning.

As we drifted through the two semesters, our friendship had drifted. We didn't hang out as much and you rarely went to dinner with me and the rest of our squad. I missed you and I was lonely even though we lived in the same room.

I hope you text me over the summer and I hope to see you around next year. I hope we continue to go to the gym next year and watch our favorite show together every Monday. I hope you will never forget the memories we have made in that small dorm room of ours.

I will miss staying up to weird hours of the night and having epiphanies while eating muffins (or epiphamuffins) or wanting to call Mott's about their fruit snacks because there was a carrot in the package. I will miss decorating our door together for different holidays and I will also miss you reading things in your "Australian" accent. Most of all, I will miss having you as a roommate,

No matter how many boy problems I came to you about, you always had advice for me. You were an amazing roommate and I will never forget you. We always took the cutest selfies together and we always had fun Walmart trips, especially the ones that involved you sitting in the cart.

I guess this is the part where I thank you for everything you have done for me over the past 8 1/2 months. Thank you for being the best roommie one could ever have. Thank you for being apart of my freshman year of college and making it one to remember. Thank you for letting me give you a cheesy nickname that you hate. Thank you for not only being my roommate, but my friend as well.

See you around, rommie.


"Manda Pear"

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