You're the kind of person people strive to be

That's probably why dad got on one knee

You take such good care of all of us T's

So, I'm going to express the influence you've had on me

There is nothing in this world you wouldn't do

To make sure me and my sister are happier than you.

For almost 18 years I dreaded staying at your work late

But little did I know how much of that I would appreciate.

For many years I argued with you nonstop

Trust me I know your head was about to pop.

But even then, you and dad still worked so hard

So me and tori could play in our big backyard.

We never quite appreciated what you and dad do

But one day I hope I'm as great a parent as you two.

For that I truly just want to thank you

And you will always be the first one's I turn to.

For years I thought I always had to hide

But little did I know you were always on my side.

You were always there even when I didn't want to talk

And no matter what, you will forever be my rock.

I'm the person I am today because of you,

You've taught me to be strong, confident, loyal, and true.

When I was little all my Achievements found a place on the fridge

And if I really wanted something, you'd give it to me without a fit.

You were more involved in my life than most parents are

And you always made me feel like I was a superstar.

The best things in my life have all been because of you

And I hope one day I can make it up to you.

Wherever I go, whatever I do

I hope one day I succeed enough to fill your shoes.

But no matter what, in the end,

You will always be my best friend.