To My Royal Pain Of A Little Sister

Two words: royal pain.

That is exactly how I would have described my sister four years ago. Now, I couldn't imagine a life without my royal pain, and I have come to realize the importance the role of "big sis" has played in my life. So sis, while you probably don't know it, you have helped me see so much in myself that I never thought I could. You gave me a reason to be a role model. I love doing my best to shine for you.

Here's to you little sis, forever friend and always... my royal pain.

I know I don't say it much or convey how much you mean to me too often, but I need you to know that you have made me a better person without even realizing it. You are the first person I stood as a role model for and that is one occupation I hope to never be fired from. When we were young, I never wanted you to see me fail. I hated making mistakes because it meant you had to know about all of them.

I never wanted to disappoint you because I feared you would be ashamed of me. I never wanted you to see me cry because you didn't deserve to see the upsets and failures that came with life. You didn't deserve my heartaches. I never wanted you to see me angry. I never wanted you to see me worry because I knew you would take my burdens upon yourself.

I feared letting you down as your role model, but I am so glad I showed you all that I could.

You have learned from my failures and I have watched you succeed in so many aspects. I am your biggest fan. You have learned from my mistakes and while you still have plenty of time to make your own, just know I will always have your back. You have learned from my disappointments and make the best of every curve ball life throws your way.

You are my inspiration. You learned from my tears because upsets and heartaches stand no chance with you. You are strong and brave. You learned from my anger. When life put me down and things didn't go my way, you learned not to resent what could have been. You are persistent. You learned from all my worries because I don't know one worry that has ever stopped you. You are bold.

At times when I thought I failed as your role model, I love being able to see the way life has worked out for you. I have watched you grow into an empowering individual and while I may have stood as someone you look up to, you have always been my little hero. I am so glad you learned from me, but you will never know how much I have been able to learn from you.

Love you sis, thanks for giving me a reason to be a role model. I will always be here to guide, help, and protect you in this world.

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