To my hometown best friend

To my hometown best friend

How living at college and being apart is different but our friendship is never going to die... cliché, I know.


Dear Best friend,

Living at college without you has been, weird. When I say "weird" I mean that by, it's the only word that I can use to describe how my world has been without you in it 24/7. Weird hasn't been bad, I've made a lot of friends and have been doing good in school. But weird also hasn't been the best either.

Our story started when we were just little freshman in high school. We became really close once we realized we had the same birthday. We were born in June and I swear on my life that we got close because we are Gemini's, and that you are my "zodiac twin". Sounds crazy, but we are best friends because we are so similar. Took me 4 years of high school to understand that and appreciate that about our friendship. I couldn't ask for anyone else to help me through those 4 years of hell. Not literal, but I know we both don't miss it. All the stupid fights, tears over boys, and pointless drama lead us to this point in our life. I am now a freshman in college and who knows where our lives from this point will go.

Without you in college has been hard if I'm honest. When we were with each other, we were yin and yang for each other. I miss the drives together, our up all night sleepovers, and IHOP runs at 3AM. In college, I don't have that person to talk all night with me or when I get bored and just want to go get some food. Life is just a little weird without being with your best friend all the time.

Although we are apart and doing different things, I can't even begin on how proud I am of you and how amazing you are doing. Mental health has always been a struggle of ours's but, I can tell you are starting to feel the happiness in your life that you have always deserved. Everything you put your mind to you can achieve and you have shown that in so many aspects of your life. Everything will just keep getting better if you are determined to make it better. Where you are in life right now is all because of you. You get the credit for it, and you should be so proud of how far you have come.

College and this distance apart is different and is going to be permanent for a few years. I know that in the end that distance between up doesn't define our friendship and doesn't make us not best friends anymore. It just puts a pause of our endless adventures we will have with each other in the future. We will do great things and I hope for so many things for us in the future. I know that you will always be my best friend and that will never change.

I love and miss you!


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