To My High School SweetHeart
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To My High School SweetHeart

Some of us have that one person who was maybe our first love or even our third love in high school who we just never quit thinking about and that is okay. I still to this day love the boy I met in high school.

To My High School SweetHeart

To the boy who I never expected to be the one I would love so much.. You have had my heart since our Sophomore year of high school. You started out as the best possible friend I could ask for even though I really couldn't stand you our freshman year.. Then I got to know you.. I got to know you on a personal level in our friendship.. I got to get close with you.. You were my best friend. I loved spending time with you.. I loved being partners in math because each year we managed to have it together.. You were my person but I never pictured loving you more than just my friend...

The Summer of our Sophomore year you finally told me how you felt.. I had never been so happy about ANYTHING! Seriously! You were the one person I trusted and had actually grown to like..

I loved your personality.. Your smile.. Your brown eyes and the way the sun had hit them... The way we were total opposites yet connected and it was so nice but so different for me..

Whenever things started getting serious I was kind of nervous you made me an all new level of nervous I didn't even know how to talk to you at this point which was wild... You were my person and I didn't want anything to change.... we talked for months... three months passed by and you asked me to be your girlfriend after that homecoming game... I said no.. I wanted to wait longer which was weird because how impatient I was it was just scary for me to get into something with someone I was so close to..

Two weeks passed... You finally asked me again... and of course I finally told you yes.. we were finally together after a year of flirting or partnering up on math assignments because I was terrible at geometry and you were horrible at algebra we somehow came together, and ended up falling for each other..

Somehow things started off great.. I was happy you were happy everything was awesome... The every night phone calls and good morning texts. I was falling for you every single day.. You were literally great... Then after a few months things got bumpy but it is high school so what do we expect..

We broke up dated off and on and this went on for a while we dated other people.. We came to a point to where we didn't talk for two years but there was never a point in time where I didn't love you and when I wasn't thinking about you.. During the period we weren't talking I experienced something so tragic and the next day you were the first person I saw but the person I wanted with me the whole entire time.. I knew you would always be there I knew I could always count on you.. You were still my person and you always would be....

We graduated.... I didn't hear from you.. I did not see you.... I moved off to college with a guy I had been seeing.. but he wasn't you.. I caught myself thinking of you.. I missed you at times.. I missed my friend and my person who knew everything about me and who loved me and cared for me like nobody ever had... Finally February came and I had the opportunity to have you brought back into my life... thank the lord for that... We hadn't talked in two years.. I hadn't seen you and heard from you and finally that night when I got to I was nervous and excited and there it all started all over again...

I was reunited with the first boy I had ever loved.. We talked we laughed we got caught up you lectured me and helped me get through my mess.. I couldn't appreciate it more... I love you still so much to this very day.. Here we are it is OCTOBER we are together.. we are happy and thriving the mistakes made in our past were worth this present because I have never loved you more than I do now.. You are perfect and the absolute love of my life and I can honestly say without you life Is weird and boring and just dumb...

You shaped me into the person I am.. You have inspired me... You have made me happy and have been my biggest supporter you have pushed me to do my best in everything I do and you always encourage me and give me the best advice.. I love you beyond belief and I am so glad to end up with the boy I fell in love with my sophomore year of high school.... Thank you for being your goofy brown eyed self.. You are just the crazy I need in my life..

Thanks for being my dancing partner, food date, sleeping date and forever scary movie date.. For supporting me and never giving up on us and pushing this relationship.. God blessed me with you and I am thankful for my high school sweet heart. I have a full heart for you.. Thank you honey.. You give me hope and life and so much love to look forward to in this future... Everyone needs someone like you in their life. We are thriving and I am so thankful.

love you always

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