Now that my Junior year in college is ending, I can't help but think about how different my life was three years ago. I was recently 18 and paranoid at the thought of leaving my hometown and attending a university that was eight hours from home.

I was coming from the Valley — and to me, the Valley is like a bubble; there's not much to experience in my opinion. For me, moving away from my hometown to college was my window of opportunity.

Only two people from my hometown were attending the same university as I was, and we weren't even that close at the time. In my head, I was basically going solo. I was nervous about my classes, my professors, even you guys —my roommates.

What if we didn't get along? What if you hated me? What on earth would I do then?

Little did I know that you two would become two of the most important people in my life. You were two of the first friends I made in college, and I'm proud to say that. I'm proud that even now, three years later, we're still as close as our first year as roommates.

I remember being timid in front of both of you; both of you had such different personalities than I did. I was genuinely worried about us being friends, but funnily enough, as soon as Harry Potter came into conversation, our friendship immediately bloomed.

Suddenly, I looked forward to going home after class, I always looked forward to our study times that always came with a session of Disney Karaoke. Our Harry Potter nights had pizza and ice cream, and everything else in between. Whenever people would say "I can't deal with my roommate," my response would always be "I can't relate," because to me, my roommates were my very best friends.

Both of you made sure to always include me because you knew I was so far from my family; you always treated me like a sister, and that's something I'll never forget because as homesick as I felt, I knew I wasn't truly alone. Suddenly, your families turned into my families too.

Even though things have changed and we no longer live together, I still treasure every moment I spend with you two; we've proved that distance is no obstacle when it comes to our friendship.

All three of us are growing up and despite the fact that we're doing completely different things most of the time, I love that we're somehow always on each others minds; still checking up on each other and always making sure that we're okay.

Thank you so much for making me a better person and for making college such a pleasurable experience. Thank you for letting me vent and cry on your shoulders, thank you for being my best friends and sisters.

I hope that everyone finds someone as amazing as the both of you.