To My Fellow New Yorkers Going To College In A New City

To My Fellow New Yorkers Going To College In A New City

We're all in this together.

Dear New Yorkers,

Before I begin writing I already know what you're thinking. She's gonna tell me where can I get some good pizza around here. Well, you're right. The answer is nowhere. As many times as someone tries to tell you where to go for pizza it just doesn't compare to NYC's one dollar slice on the street corner.

Having lived in the New York City area my entire life leaving the place of dowgs and cowffee was extremely difficult. Moving to a new city involves adopting a whole new lifestyle. You meet people with new values, motives, and mindsets.

You begin to notice that no one's in a rush any longer. The usual five-minute walk across the street turns into a twenty-minute hike because the person in front of you is on a "leisurely walk". Who knew leisurely walks were even a thing. I didn't. Oh yeah and that fast-paced food service you were used to, yeah kiss that goodbye. (Sad I know).

You'll realize that people begin to stare when you cross the street during a green light, giving you that "how does she do it" look. You best believe if there are no cars coming I'm getting myself across that street and if there are cars coming, catch me dodging them.

Be prepared for the question that will probably push your buttons as much as it does mine. "Have you been to Times Square/do you go to Times Square a lot"? When asked this question I always have the same reaction. Yes, I've been to Times Squares and NO I don't go a lot. You then will have to try and explain that there is so much more to do in NYC then go to the insanely touristy and busy Times Square.

And no one, I mean no one appreciates the song "New York New York" like we do.

Although there are things that I definitely miss about New York City, a part of me is excited to see what my new environment has to offer. College is a time of exploration and, it is important when moving to a new place to be completely open. I hope to learn more about my new home, which is now Philadelphia, and continue to find out more about its uniqueness.

Always remember, if you can survive New York, you can survive any city.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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12 Frightful Flight Struggles That Make You Want To Fly Straight Home

Flying may seem like fun and games, but it really does come with a lot of baggage.

When most people picture flying (on an airplane of course), or see any airlines ads on TV they see a calm relaxed person who seems to be smiling continuously. As they glance out the window at the beautiful fluffy clouds, they are served all the snacks they desire by gorgeous flight attendants that could pass as models. However, in my case, and as many frequent flyers would know, this isn't the reality for 99 percent of the flying population. Sure, I find the actual experience of flying on an airplane surreal and magical, but it doesn't come without its baggage.

1. Before the trip is when the literal baggage begins.

2. It's all fun and games, until you realize your airlines has a one suitcase limit, you have an hour left to pack... and you haven't started.

3. You have to make sure you have all of the travel documents you need and that they are all up to date

And if they aren't, get ready to stand in some very long lines...

4. At the airport, you have to lug around all of your suitcases until you check them in.

5. Your suitcase weighs too much and you try to reduce the weight in any way possible to avoid paying extra.

This includes eating any food you packed in your bag on-the spot and throwing away anything that may weigh too much.

6. You have to go through the extremely picky and long airport security line (which is necessary to be safe) and take things out of the overstuffed bag that you worked so hard to zip up.

7. When you are hungry and forgot to pack snacks and your only option is buying overpriced airport food.

Bottled water should never be seven dollars.

8. Your flight gets canceled or delayed over and over again and you have to find ways to kill time.

9. On the flight, your body is in confusion because your flight is at 3 a.m., plus you are flying across time zones.

10. You sit next to someone that bothers you.

And have to find a way to keep your sanity for the rest of the flight, which can sometimes be more than 16 hours, while sitting in one place.

11. All the possible scenarios of how a flight accident can occur start to pop up in your head.

And you actually begin to pay especially close attention to the safety demonstrations.

12. You have to use the bathroom really badly...

... but you have to crawl over three people to get out of your seat to actually get to the bathroom.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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It's Just Me & The City

You have to keep the hustle alive.

For a city that never sleeps

I've seen you grow quiet in suspense

Lost with no direction during those hours on the 34th

with nothing but a Penn heading to the Station

In hopes that I've been making the right decisions to avoid all of this temptation

All the things I've been making has just been a declaration to me

Of who I should be,

who I want to be,

who I'm destined to be

because I see this me that most don't see

and the potential I see in me has been unseen to the public.

For there hasn't been any interests to get to know that me.

Cover Image Credit: Kyra Donahoo

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