Dear New Yorkers,

Before I begin writing I already know what you're thinking. She's gonna tell me where can I get some good pizza around here. Well, you're right. The answer is nowhere. As many times as someone tries to tell you where to go for pizza it just doesn't compare to NYC's one dollar slice on the street corner.

Having lived in the New York City area my entire life leaving the place of dowgs and cowffee was extremely difficult. Moving to a new city involves adopting a whole new lifestyle. You meet people with new values, motives, and mindsets.

You begin to notice that no one's in a rush any longer. The usual five-minute walk across the street turns into a twenty-minute hike because the person in front of you is on a "leisurely walk". Who knew leisurely walks were even a thing. I didn't. Oh yeah and that fast-paced food service you were used to, yeah kiss that goodbye. (Sad I know).

You'll realize that people begin to stare when you cross the street during a green light, giving you that "how does she do it" look. You best believe if there are no cars coming I'm getting myself across that street and if there are cars coming, catch me dodging them.

Be prepared for the question that will probably push your buttons as much as it does mine. "Have you been to Times Square/do you go to Times Square a lot"? When asked this question I always have the same reaction. Yes, I've been to Times Squares and NO I don't go a lot. You then will have to try and explain that there is so much more to do in NYC then go to the insanely touristy and busy Times Square.

And no one, I mean no one appreciates the song "New York New York" like we do.

Although there are things that I definitely miss about New York City, a part of me is excited to see what my new environment has to offer. College is a time of exploration and, it is important when moving to a new place to be completely open. I hope to learn more about my new home, which is now Philadelphia, and continue to find out more about its uniqueness.

Always remember, if you can survive New York, you can survive any city.