To My Fellow Bobcats
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Politics and Activism

To My Fellow Bobcats

We must get along to make our university thrive

To My Fellow Bobcats
Jairo Devora

It’s been a long, rough week. We’ve finally reached the end of an up-and-down, nasty political cycle and we have a new President-elect, Donald J. Trump. Although I’m not happy with the results either, the behavior that I’ve seen displayed at school over the past few days has left me shocked.

While I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment and how great it is, and while I support the expression of opinions, even of those with whom I disagree, it was sad to see the anger among students. Holding up signs and voicing support for one candidate or another is one thing, but screaming obscenities at one another, screaming insults at one another and discriminating one another is not OK.

As I was walking towards the Quad, slowly approaching the Stallions, I could hear the voices of emotion as far as Old Main. Students expressing concern over their futures now that Trump has been elected. I could hear Trump supporters expressing their opinions and defending their support for Trump – all things that I welcome and encourage, especially on a college campus, where open expression is encouraged.

But when I heard of the fliers that were placed on campus threatening violence to “deviant university leaders spouting off all of this diversity garbage,” and “tar and feather vigilante squads,” I was afraid. While it may have been an empty promise, or just a poor attempt to “joke,” threatening violence is worrisome. To think that it’s OK to use the election of a candidate to express violent threats is ridiculous and extreme. Tarring and feathering squadrons were a true and dark part of history throughout the 18th and 19th century that cost lives and caused horror across America. The thought that an individual could even think of something like that disgusts me.

I understand that not every Trump supporter thinks and feels this way. And I understand that not every Clinton supporter was screaming and insulting Trump supporters. But what I saw truly scared me. I have always felt comfort walking the halls of Texas State and have never felt threatened for any reason. But now, after hearing stories of friends that have been assaulted because of their skin tone and heritage, I have to say that we must try and come to an understanding. We are a school that embraces diversity. We are among the most diverse schools in the state. So let’s not get lost in the idea that being divided is something we can just brush off. While we may never agree on the outcome of this historic election, we cannot let it break the values that we, as Americans, stand for.

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