To My Favorite Cousin's Future Wife

To My Cousin's fiance,

By the time you read this, you will officially be a part of the family. You will have walked down the aisle, looking beautiful as always. He will cry like the big teddy bear that he is. Everyone will be watching you, the stunning bride, but I will be watching him. I will see his face the moment he sees you and I will cry because I am happy and so damn proud of the man, now husband, he has become.

You know, him and I were partners in crime. We fought over ice cream sandwiches and tree forts in the woods, but we always had each other's backs against anyone else. We had to hold our own against our bigger, stronger cousin's in the family. We were the "little cousins" until our little brothers came along 6 years later- the only cousins within 10 years of age. In those 6 years, we formed a bond like that of siblings. He's not really my cousin, no, he's my brother and my best friend.

In high school, we were competitive and constantly gave each other shit, but if anyone else even thought about messing with us- oh boy, were they in trouble. He constantly did his best to intimidate any boy who looked my way. It really just embarrassed me at the time, but it prevented me from making some very bad choices. I've never thanked him for that. He warned me about the intentions of several people over the years. Being as stubborn as I am, I obviously ignored him. He was right. I've never told him that.

He was just known as the goofball in school. The one who was a little too loud and obnoxious at times, but the sweetest guy around. He made it his duty to make people smile, especially if they were having a rough time. For that, he was taken for granted- always stuck in the friend-zone or completely taken advantage of. I took care of it, obviously- behind the scenes. He just doesn't know it. (Sorry not sorry).

I always knew that he was underrated to girls, but I also knew that it would pay off for him in the future. I knew that if anyone was going to be an amazing husband one day, it was going to be him. I wanted to be sure that he would save his heart for someone who truly appreciated it. He deserved nothing but the best.

Well, he found the best with you.

He had eyes for you long before you ever dated. You were the mysterious girl from camp he would always speak of to me excitedly. I would always roll my eyes and wonder if you even truly existed (ha-ha). When I first met you last year and discovered that you, his girlfriend (at the time) were, in fact, that girl from camp, I was shocked. That girl he spoke of all those years was you. His fiance. His soon-to-be wife.

The girl who loves the outdoors and scouts as much as he does. The girl who is literally a third of his size, but will do her best to push him in the kiddie pool at a family party. The girl who doesn't just laugh at all his jokes, but gives him shit when they aren't funny and loves him anyways. The girl who embraces his imperfections and accepts him completely as he is.

To say that I am relieved is an understatement. I never thought anyone would be good enough for him, but you are. You are intelligent, witty and warm. You are mature enough to keep him in line, but childish enough to laugh along with him.

You are his best friend.

Thank you for being his best friend. Thank you for accepting him, supporting him and making his life a little brighter every day.

He will piss you off. He will make bad jokes and embarrass you. He will forget things, important things and he might fight you for an ice cream sandwich, but I promise, he never stop loving you. He will always treat you with respect. He will remain loyal and never fail to make you smile. He will make mistakes, but he will do his best to fix them and be the best husband he can possibly be.


Welcome to the family.

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