To The Cousin Who Was My First Best Friend In Life

Growing up, I spent the majority of my time with my cousins. Creating crazy music videos, hanging out together at Sunday dinner's at our families house in New York, and endless holiday parties. They are your promised first best friends in life- people who will always be there to celebrate with, hang out with, and love unconditionally, regardless of how much time may pass.

Majority of the special childhood memories I can think of are spent with my cousin right beside me. She was always by my side through the good times, the bad times, and especially the incredibly awkward teenage times. Looking back, I can't help but laugh at all the times we have dramatically sung "He Could Be The One" by Hannah Montana over boys who no longer exist in our worlds, or the endless amount of YouTube videos we made harassing our family members, and being complete idiots with one another. May our old famous YouTube channel rest in the sweetest peace, because that was truly the most embarrassing, yet incredible moments of our childhood.

The late night heart-to-hearts we consistently had will always have a special place in my heart, along with the crazy obsessions we shared over "Little People, Big World". I genuinely don't know how our parents controlled us running around the house, laughing like crazy over the littlest things that would drive them insane.

We used to absolutely LOVE growing up as kids- mostly because we did it together. We shared every huge milestone with one another. As we turned 5, to awkward 13, to sharing candles with one another at our sweet 16's to 18 and graduating high school, to now 21-years-old and legally drinking at family events, we have always been there supporting, and laughing with one another. Our laugh used to consistently drive our families crazy with the amount that we would find humor in absolutely anything, and everything. Now, being away at school for long periods of time without seeing my family, it's something I find myself missing like crazy.

I have always found so much comfort knowing that regardless of what goes on in my life, and how much time may have passed, and even if it feels like we may be so far away from one another at times, she will always be my cousin, and I will always be her's. I will always be someone she can talk to about absolutely anything, and she will always be someone who can make me laugh until my stomach is flipped completely upside down.

We are becoming adults- something that we have always talked about together growing up. And, quite frankly, growing up can be incredibly scary. It's the people in your life who are there for you, and who love you that make it easier and fun. It's your family who makes that feeling of home deep within your heart comforting. It's looking through old photographs and memories that created that special bond so long ago.

From your cousin, who will consistently be there no matter what, I love you a whole lot, and always will!


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