Thank you.

Thank you for making my year one to remember. Just two years ago, I had no clue who you were and now I could not imagine my day, let alone my life, without you. From study sessions to meal dates to heart to hearts, you make each of my days better. I could not imagine calling or texting anyone else as soon as I have a minute free to meet up or just talk.

Before we head home for the summer, I have a few thank you's for you.

Thank you for being my cheerleaders. All those good luck messages before exams and motivational pep-talks got me through this year.

Thank you for listening. Even though sometimes my rants may have been uncalled for, thank you for listening and giving me advice. You may have not had to take that exam, deal with that ridiculous group project, or get through that horrible professor, but you sure as heck got me through it.

Thank you for caring. Whether it is about drama with home friends (who you don't even know but still give me advice about) or about how I'm feeling when I'm sick, you caring about my well-being got me through the bad days. And I know my mom thanks you, too.

Thank you for all of the fun. I know sometimes I can get too focused on work and forget to relax, and more importantly have fun. Without you, there would have been waaaay less belly laughs, fun nights, and memories.

Thank you for teaching me what a true friend is. Before college, I never thought that I would find my ~people~ at school. That's so cliche, right? ...Then I found you.

It is safe to say that I will miss all of my friends from college over the summer. But texts will be non-stop and FaceTime WILL be a necessity.

Although it is sad to leave everyone from school, I feel blessed to have found people who not only get me through my days but make each day one to look forward to.

I wish my college friends nothing less than the relaxing, fun, productive, memorable, perfect summer they deserve. And they better soak it up. Because soon enough we'll be back on campus talking about our summers, wondering where the time has gone, and beginning it all again.