To My Best Friend's Baby, If You're Anything Like Mom, You'll Be Extraordinarily Love And Gifted From Day 1

To My Best Friend's Baby, If You're Anything Like Mom, You'll Be Extraordinarily Loved And Gifted From Day 1

You're already so loved.

Sami Mitten

Baby Lorenzo,

You're not here yet, but everyone is anticipating your arrival. Two more months and you'll grace the world with your presence. I've known your mom since we were nine years old. We met in safety patrol where we kept our elementary school streets safe every Monday... at least that's what we told ourselves to feel cool. As time went on, we grew closer and were friends from a distance, but it never changed anything once we were back together. I got to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and now I'm about to be your Auntie.

If you're anything like your mom, you'll have an attitude. You'll be able to stand your ground; you'll be an incredibly strong person with solid values. You'll have your own style, maybe you will be the one that brings red and purple skinny jeans back in fashion. You'll find something you want to do and you'll do it, regardless of what other people think.

If you're anything like your mom, you'll have great taste in music. I'm sure you're going to grow up listening to Bad Suns, NSYNC and Paramore, whether you like it or not. You'll love concerts and you'll be your mom's new concert buddy. I'm okay with being replaced as long as it's you, of course. I'm sure your dad will appreciate it, too.

If you're anything like your mom, you'll be a hard worker. She always put in so much effort in school. She was always a grade ahead in math and now she's graduating college a year early. She was the first of my friends to get a job and never stopped working from there.

If you're anything like your dad, you'll be so smart. You'll find opportunities in your work and run with it. You'll be a family man. You'll get along well with everyone you meet and leave a positive, lasting impression. You'll set a great example for your kids to follow. You'll be so kind and you'll go out of your way to please people.

If y you're anything like your parents, you'll be an amazing person. You'll love your family and have many friends. You'll be a hard worker, a genius and maybe a little sassy. I hope you have a little afro like your mom and I hope you love your curls and complexion. I pray that you come to know that your family is so strong and full of love. I pray that you see how great your grandparents are; they raised the wonderful people that are raising you. I pray that you live a life filled with confidence and happiness. I hope you use everything you're taught to make the world a better place. Last, of all, I pray that you know how loved you are, even by people who are self-proclaimed Aunties.

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