To My Best Friend That Distance Couldn’t Get Rid Of
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To My Best Friend That Distance Couldn’t Get Rid Of

Whether it’s around the corner or 825.7 miles apart, you’re always there.

To My Best Friend That Distance Couldn’t Get Rid Of
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To my far away best friend,

Since the first time we were forced to go on a playdate, we knew we were completely different people. You were always that crazy and outgoing person, whereas I was shy at first but goofy as hell once I got comfortable. That little 6-year-old me would have never thought that 13 years later we’d be as close as we are. I am forever thankful that I had to take karate classes because if I didn’t, I would have never met my best friend. Over the years we played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. You became a part of my family and I a part of yours. Family vacations went from 5 people to 6. The annual Christmas tree trip wasn’t complete without my parents' ‘rent-a-kid’ along for the ride. My family never had a beach house, so at first, when you invited me to yours I’m not gonna lie I was like “I need to keep this chick around.” But, then I went down and met your entire family and felt like I found my second home with you guys. I quickly gained the nickname “Shrimp Cocktail” which is now a part of you forever. No joke!

As the years passed, we had our ups and downs, disagreements and tough times, but no matter what at the end of the day I knew you’d be there. I never could stay mad at you for long because something would happen and I had to tell you about it even if I was mad. We quickly soared through our years of grade school and the time to pick colleges came. I always knew you’d be the one to go as far away as possible. You were a free spirit who had to fly. I didn’t stay too close to home either. While I picked a school 4 hours North, you decided to go almost 11 hours South. We couldn’t have picked schools farther away in my mind, even though technically we could have. At first, it didn’t really hit me that my best friend, the girl I go to for everything, was leaving my side. Graduation came and went and it still didn’t dawn on me, I was losing you. We spent basically the entire summer together and then August came and it was time to go.

I remember getting to my dorm and realizing that you weren’t going to be there to help me set up or get settled or meet new people. I was on my own from this point on. I remember my first mental breakdown that you weren’t just down the road for. I remember you calling me to tell me about your new boyfriend and how excited you were, but how bummed we both were that I couldn’t meet him. I remember calling you and freaking out numerous times over face-time because that was the best we could get. BUT you were still there. Not physically but still there in spirit. Sure we made new friends once at college but when I was really upset or happy with good news I knew exactly who the first person I wanted to go to was. I remember how terrible it was that our breaks didn’t line up exactly and I got to see you for maybe a few hours, but I wouldn’t have traded those for the world. I remember how much I took for granted all those years.

Not many people are lucky enough to find that lifelong best friend. Sure, we didn’t meet at the beginning of our lives, but I know we will continue to be there for the rest of them. You are the craziest human being I have ever met and sometimes all I can do is shake my head at you and the things that come out of that mouth of yours. You are spontaneous and at times outrageous but you keep me from being a stick in the mud and taught me to lay back and relax sometimes. To get out of my comfort zone because nothing grows there. I am forever thankful for you and wouldn’t change a single thing for the world. So here’s to you Bestie!


Your Best Friend
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