Recently, I've been missing people and I've realized how attached I've become to certain people in my life. It's a good thing to me because it shows that you care about them, and that you can't want to picture your life without them. A lot of the people I am missing right now are from college, and ask me 6 months ago if I ever thought that would happen and I would immediately think no.

That just shows how impactful the past 6 months have been, but when I begin to miss people too much and I become sad, or I become sad in general, I think about my happy place. I think about the place that no matter what I feel my best in, and I feel like I can take on the world. It's my refresh button, and the crazy thing about my happy place is that it tends to be where most people dread to go too.

My happy place is a classroom. It always has been, and that's because I feel like I excel the most in a classroom. I am so confident, and I feel like I thrive when I am in a classroom.

If I don't have a smile going into a classroom, I will most likely have a smile leaving a classroom. All because I feel my best in the classroom, and I find the classroom in a classroom to be fun and invigorating. On some of my worst days, I would go to class and I would receive a second wind from some of my teachers in high school.

I am someone that loves to learn, ask questions, be challenged, and to explore topics I wouldn't think to explore in my free time. That's what happens in a classroom, you can get challenged, ask questions, learn, and explore topics that only a teacher/professor might bring up. It's one of the biggest reasons why I make sure I attend all (most) of my classes in college because even in a huge lecture hall, I can have this experience.

It's also the biggest reason as to why I want to be a teacher. I feel my best in a classroom, and I feel best when I am helping people. Whether it'd be on a problem, or on their personal journey into becoming their best selves.

Being in a classroom gives me this energy and this hope that the world can change, and that I could be a part of that change.

It gives me a hope for a brighter future, and I know that it's possible. I do my best work in a classroom.

My happy place is definitely unique, but whenever I think back to my favorite moments in high school, they all happened in a classroom. Whether it'd be before school or I made a fool of myself in class for a demonstration. There was laughter and pure happiness in these moments, and when I become a teacher someday, I hope that I can create these moments again and possibly make the classroom for someone else.

The classroom is a really cool place that we should all love because so many amazing moments can happen, if you just put yourself out there and just go for it.