To all the boys who've toyed with my heart, thank you.

To all the boys who've deemed me worthless after not giving in to sex, thank you.

To all the boys who've failed to see me as the person I truly am, thank you.

Thank you for showing me exactly everything I don't want in my lifelong relationship and all of the red flags I should be weary of going ahead.

Thank you for further proving to me that I certainly do not need a man in my life to be whole, complete and happy. In fact, you've proven to me that I can actually be happier without a man in my life, until I stumble across the one who will treat me with the utmost love and respect.

To all the boys who've toyed with my poor little beaten down heart, here's to you.

Here's to you and your facade, here's to you and your lies, here's to you and your cheats, here's to you and your sly ability to swoop in and confuse the hell out of me, and here's to you for helping me rise above all of the other jerks alike.

There's so many incredible, amazing and loving men out there that would do no wrong to a woman, I, unfortunately, have only had the opportunity to get to know a very slim few, without regards to the wonderful men in my family who are the perfect example of everything I should look for in a significant other.

But because of you all, the not so wonderful boys, I've been able to learn things I never would have learned and become stronger than I ever would have imagined.

You've helped me see that my energy is better spent on doing things I love and enjoy, with people who already love and enjoy my company. You've helped me see that you cannot let your happiness be dependent on another human being because in the end, the only thing you can be certain of is that you will be there for yourself. Finding happiness within yourself is the most crucial part of life, and you've helped me learn that one blow to the heart at a time.

You would think after all of the constant beat downs I've taken, I would have lost faith, but you see, that would be giving you all of the power, and why in the world would I want to give you that?

I haven't lost faith, not at all. I have complete faith that there are beautiful men out there fully capable of loving selflessly just as I know I am capable of doing. You've just helped me see that not every man is fully capable of loving selflessly, and that's okay. You will find your place in the world and so will I.

So to all the boys who feel the need to toy with girls' hearts, I feel sorry for you.

And to all the boys who deem girls worthless if they won't give in to sex, I feel sorry for you.

And lastly, to all the boys who fail to see girls for who they truly are, I feel sorry for you

Because you are creating one hell of an army of kick ass woman who are stronger than they have ever been before and will never take any crap from boys like you again.