To All The Boys I've Ever Loved
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What is the thing that terrifies you the most? Is it clowns? Spiders? Heights? A possible alien invasion? Whatever it may be, I don't see it being worst than mysteriously having your love letters sent to all of you past crushes. Yeah. Pretty terrifying right? Netflix's new original film "To All the Boys I've Loved Before", based on the book by Jenny Han, debuted August 17 and I have not stopped watching it.

I can honestly say this movie is the perfect romantic comedy for the young population. At various points throughout the movie, I found myself truly relating to Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor, with her ideas about love and her overall personality. Meanwhile, falling absolutely in love with Peter, played by Noah Centieno, because of his charisma, and mannerisms. One large component of this film, that makes it so unique and loveable is the representation.

Often times you do not see Asians in main roles. This movie does that and it makes it all the more enjoyable. For young Asian girls to see this movie, and see themselves within the character and actor is extremely important. But let's hop right into "To All The Boys I've Loved Before".


Lara Jean is a hopeless romantic (like all of us, right) and has a passion to write. Whenever she falls deeply into a crush, she writes her feelings down in detail for her to see how strong her emotions can be and how powerful these feelings are. There are only five letters that have been written, with no intention of them being mailed to them.

However, somehow her letters are sent to all five boys... three of them attending her high school. When one of the letter recipients suggest that they should have a "fake relationship" in order to make his ex-girlfriend jealous but neither of them knows where this will take them.

With thousands of tweets daily focusing on Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, "TATBILB" is a Netflix favorite. I believe that it exceeded many of our expectations. Although I have not read the book, I wish I had read it beforehand.

Not because I thought the movie lacked in certain areas or was missing anything, but because I could (if possible) fall even more in love with these two. Stan twitter accounts and "ships" have been popping up like daisies, all because these two characters have brightened peoples day and allowed them to believe in love.

I really enjoyed the premise of Lara Jean's idea of love. She states that reading, writing, and thinking about it can be thrilling but, falling in love and being in love physically is scary. Which is 100% true. A simple fact in this movie, that I found really compelling, is that you can obviously tell he falls for her first. In many romantic comedies, the girl falls for the guy first.

But not in this case. Not going to spoil the movie or anything, but you are going to want a Peter Kavinsky after you see this. This movie is one of the best because the demographic it is aiming towards, is able to relate to it, and see themselves as Lara Jean. I 110% recommend watching this Netflix original.

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