Every boy before you was dumb.

You took things into a perspective no one else saw. You saw things as they were and as they would be in the future. You would see a sprout of a weed and some how make it seem like one day it would grow into a beautiful flower.

Every boy before you watched it rain and thought about how gloomy everything was.

You would dance in the rain and drag me along. You would splash in the puddles and make them giant lakes.

Every Boy before you thought hunting was just hunting.

You saw it as more than sitting in the woods for hours on end. You saw it as a lifestyle. You would light up in a way I cant even explain.

Every boy before you made my heart beat normal.

You would smile, my heart would stop mid beat. You would laugh, my stomach would fill up with butterflies. You would make a cheesy joke, I would roll my eyes and think some how that was funny.

Every boy before you, wasn’t you.

You were something great. You were amazing really. You had your moments where I would think "Where's that guy I fell in love with?" You always made sure I was okay and taken care of. You were one of a kind honestly.

You hold a BIG part of my heart, a part no one else will ever hold. You and me both know that sometimes some of the best things have to be let go to be able to grow.

Every boy after you, will be great.

You though? You will always be wonderful. Thank you for being you.