'Tis the Season for Midterms
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'Tis the Season for Midterms

We may not be so jolly for midterms, but we shall survive.

'Tis the Season for Midterms

It's that time of year. That time in the semester when were just about ready to pack away the parkas, stow away our trusty boots and retire the mittens that have graciously warmed our bones over the course of the brutal winter. With March quickly approaching, it's time to let our hair down, eat some froyo and daydream about basking on that Caribbean beach that awaits you this spring break. Doesn't it all sound just heavenly? The spring fever buzz is truly infectious. But before we get too excited to leave our winter sorrows behind, we can't forget that iddy biddy little wrinkle in time that always seems to sneak up on the Eve of Spring: midterm season. I guess we can't feel too bad about this unfortunate academic interruption since the current weather still, for lack of a better word, sucks and couldn't feel farther from the toasty breezes and sunny blue skies of spring that we wait for so patiently. Instead, we are delivered yet another generous dumping of ice cold snow and chilling winds to freeze our faces as we trek to class. To make matters worse, you now find yourself sucked into the black hole of constant, inconsolable stress brought upon by those lovely exams and assignments that sprout half way into the semester. For many, this is a time of chaos, worry, and perpetual fatigue. So how are you ever going to deal? These four "lifelines" are here to save the day and wipe away your midterms fears and tears.

1. Assignment notebook.

If you don't already own one, then get one. But if you do, then you are probably already aware of it's great powers and capabilities. This is your little beacon of hope during midterm season. During a time when you are bombarded with 15 credit hours worth of random dates and deadlines for various projects, assignments and exams, you're definitely going to need some help remembering and keeping your Spanish quiz date separated from your group project presentation date. This personal agenda is a way for you to condense all the madness of to-do's into a neatly organized package that will help you prioritize tasks and puts your mind at ease when you can physically visualize all you'll need to manage. If you're anything like me, you also find extreme satisfaction like no other by crossing off or scribbling out anything "done" and out of the way. It fills me with joy and a proud sense of accomplishment. One exam down, and onto another. Apart from academic content, I like to take my organization skillz even further by including all the tidbits of my personal life from my lady dinner dates, to noting when the items in my online shopping cart will go on sale. Utilizing the assignment notebook helps you to see that your load is in fact manageable and could potentially provide some positive reinforcement through your checking offs and fun outings that you can look forward to.

2. Pillow. 

Sounds simple, but think of your pillow as the symbolic representation for the wonders of sleep. It's easy to forget just how crucial quality rest is. Sleep deprivation can seriously hinder not only your level of performance during midterm assessments, but of course it can also turn you into a cranky pants that no one wants to be around. Make sure you shoot for a good night sleep as often as you can, nap when you need it, and always allow yourself some down time each day to relax and enjoy yourself.

3. A hot drink.

Not all of us are coffee addicts. Luckily, we have a couple of other options to keep us going and maintain a relaxed state of mind during the last bit of the winter as we complete our midterm tasks. Tea or hot chocolate are great beverage alternatives that will warm the tum, calm the soul, and bring you a special sense of rewarding comfort that is much needed. Tea has extra special qualities based on the herbal blend you choose. For instance, a refreshing mint tea will not only soothe and relax, but can also aid in focus and concentration! And as always, there’s coffee if you can’t seem to resist your urge to hit up the DD (Dunkin Donuts) to get a giant sized Snickerdoodle flavored coffee to wash down your brownie batter donut…Just kidding. I actually highly discourage an order that decadent because an overload of sugar will only send you into an unproductive energy crash shortly after consumption. You don’t need much sugar to make plain coffee delicious. The right balance of caffeine can provide you with motivation and a healthy energy boost to complete schoolwork or to push you a little harder at the gym.

4. Some kind of nut, nut butter, or spread.

Nuts are underrated these days, but they are a super food packed with healthy fats, protein and NOT sugar! These hearty nuggets of goodness are a great go-to when you are out and about on campus studying and running the many errands of midterm season. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts are tasty to eat alone, and are versatile enough to make an excellent addition into your cereals or oatmeal, salads, or even in a crust on top of your chicken or fish. They will grant you brain powers and energy like you wouldn’t believe and will sustain your hunger much longer than greasy potato chips and other overly processed snacks. Some ideas of nut butters and spreads to try are peanut, almond, or cashew butter, and if you’re feeling especially indulgent and hazelnut-y, go for Nutella.

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