Lately, there's been some whining and grumbling about the New England Patriots advancing to the Super Bowl again. Apparently, some people are tired of the Pats consistently making it to the Super Bowl and would rather see another team in their place. As a long-time Patriots fan myself, I may be a bit biased, but I think that all the complaining needs to stop. If you're tired of seeing New England in the Super Bowl, just shut up and pick another sport to watch.

The New England Patriots are good, and they've been good for a while now. Head Coach Bill Belichick, considered to be one of the greatest football head coaches of all time, has led the Pats to win 9 AFC Championship titles and 5 Super Bowl titles since 1996. Under Belichick's incredible coaching, quarterback Tom Brady has risen to fame and made a name for himself as one of the best quarterbacks in football history.

He holds the record for the most division titles at 16, the record for the most Super Bowl passing yards at 2,576, and the record for the most Super Bowl wins at 5, to name a few. The Patriots have seen many other talented athletes such as tight end Rob Gronkowski and wide receiver Julian Edelman. All in all, the Patriots have done what many teams set out to do: work hard, play well, and be the best. And this year, they hope to do it again by winning Super Bowl LIII.

I think that it's completely ridiculous to get upset over the repeated success of a football team. Isn't a football team supposed to be good? The whole idea of sports is to bring talented athletes together in hopes of becoming the best team in the league. The Super Bowl isn't for kicks and giggles; it's to determine who the real champs of the NFL are. The Super Bowl is entertainment, yes, but its purpose is not to entertain viewers each year by mixing up the teams and letting the underdog win all the time. It's about competition, and it's about watching the best of the best battle it out for the title.

This is all common knowledge. If a team is talented and has worked hard, they advance to the Super Bowl. Why then, are people whining about the New England Patriots going back to the Super Bowl? Everyone knows that the Patriots are incredibly talented and have earned their spot in the Super Bowl LIII. Everyone also knows that sports is about the best team winning. So what's the problem?

Whether it's frustration with the success of another team or if it's the need to be entertained, people need to accept the fact that the Patriots are talented and are going to the Super Bowl. They've earned it, and they deserve to be there. Instead of focusing on the Patriots' apparently "annoying" success, focus on cheering for the up-and-coming Los Angeles Rams, or, better yet, find another sport to watch instead.

Personally, I'll be rooting for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots because I know that they deserve to be at Super Bowl LIII, regardless of what other people think.