As someone who graduated in April 2019, I am no stranger to the questions family and friends have been asking. While these questions are quite frequent, I am not annoyed by them. I know my loved ones want to know about my life.

I can assume that these questions are universal to many recent college graduates. I know I have heard heard them all!

1. What did you get your degree in again?

I get asked some sort of variation of this question regularly. Whether it is "what did you study," "what was your major," or "did you stick with *blank* major" this is something everyone wants to know! And then forgets they know it!

2. What's next?

In what context do you mean? Tomorrow I am going to work and the day after that I am going shopping. That is what is next.

Honestly though, and I am sure so many of you can relate, I do not know what is next.

3. Aren't you glad to be done with school FOREVER?

Actually I am not done forever. I do want to attend graduate school; my current plan is a take a year off to focus on my mental health, assist in psychology research, and take the Graduate Readiness Exam (GRE).

4. Are you going back to school?

While some recent college graduates are already enrolled in graduate courses or accepted in graduate programs and others are beginning career paths, some of us still do not know what we want to do.

5. What do you want to be again?

Truthfully, I do not know what I want to do. You can continue you to ask me but you are likely going to be confused by my lack of an answer. Maybe one day I will figure it out; that is the reason I am going to graduate school.

6. Do you have a job lined up?

It is embarrassing to say no but I am still being productive and doing work somewhat within my field. Unfortunately, with a degree in psychology, there is not much work that I can do with only a bachelor's degree.

7. Are you going to get married?

Do I have a ring on my finger? Then no. I am not getting married nor do I know when or if I will ever get married. If news like that were to come up, I would be sure to let you know about it.

8. Are you going to have children?

That is definitely not in the works either. I appreciate you asking something so intimate and then shaming me for not wanting to do those things. It makes me feel like I am *not* supported in my decision.

9. Are you going to buy a home?

I cannot afford to get my dog the BarkBox; there is no home for me in the near future. I think living in an apartment with forever cold showers, 90 degree temperatures due to broken AC units, and stolen mail is suitable for me.

10. Do you have student loan debt?

Is it any of your business?

To answer your question, yes I sure do.

In all seriousness, I do not mind being asked these questions. I know that most of my loved ones have asked a variation of these questions to me; they do not bother or offend me. I do think they can offend others though so I wanted to share my experiences with the world.