5 tips before going to bed

Sleeping is an essential part of our lives. Actually, I love sleeping. I need to sleep at least six hours to have a good day; my ideal night is to have eight or more hours to sleep. I have to admit that it is easy for me to go to bed and have a beautiful night. I am busy enough all day that getting some rest is something my body asks for.

However, I have many friends who have some problems sleeping well, like many people in the world. Even though I fall asleep quickly, I have my tricks to relax.

1.    No cellphone.


We have the routine to check our cellphone and social media before bed. Then, we spend hours texting friends or lovers; we check what the rest of the world is doing on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Watching Youtube is another vice.

The best is to leave all the technology for at least one hour before we go to bed. It is the only way we can allow our brain to rest and relax.

2.    Herbal tea.


You know I love tea. Drinking herbal tea is vital to get relaxed. I do not know if it has to do with drinking something hot, or the properties of the herbs, but a cup of tea is perfect before bed. If you do not know what tea to pick, I can recommend chamomile, mint, linden or any you see in the supermarket saying relax or steeping tea.

3.    Take a shower.


I need to take a shower before I go to bed. It is magical. The bath helps my muscles to be relaxed and feeling clean helps me to have happy dreams. Actually, if I do not take a shower before I go to sleep, I wake up in the morning more tired than the night before. Also, you can use the bathtub with salts and oils; it is the best, but a shower is simple and effective.

4.    Listen to music.


You can enter on Youtube and there are thousands of videos with music to relax and sleep. There are even videos with sounds from nature with the sound of the ocean, wind or birds. You can choose any kind that works for you. The point is to help your mind to relax with the music.

In my case, the idea of listening to something while I am trying to sleep is not to think. I always waste my sleeping time thinking about my problems or things that I hate. Then, I listen to a TV show. Yes, a TV show. Why? Because I love it, and it helps me to sleep.

5.    Sex.


Let's face it; all of us sleep better after a good round of sex. Sex helps us to be happy, relax and be tired enough. The endorphins are our best allies (and we should take a shower at some point after it).

Sleeping is crucial in our lives. We are better students, professionals, parents, friends, partners, even better people if we are rested enough.

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