10 Little Things That Can Make Back To School Easier
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10 Little Things That Can Make Back To School Easier

Getting back in the swing of school can be really hard, here's some ways to make it better.

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Summer's over and now we are all (unfortunately) trading in our bathing suits for backpacks. Adjusting to the stress of a new schedule, altered work availability, weekly meetings with clubs/organizations you're involved in, and trying to maintain relationships with friends or a significant other on top of all that can be extremely difficult.

So, here are a few, little things that you can implement daily to help you be balanced during these times:

1. Wake up a little early to have breakfast 

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Waking up 30 min prior to the time you would normally wake up to eat breakfast can help you have the energy to take on the day! Whether it's a full spread of eggs, potatoes, bacon, etc. or just a few pieces of toast with your favorite spread it will give you the extra oomph you need to conquer your classes.

2. Take breaks

Max Vertsanov

Summer is over and now you have to juggle your classes, work, clubs, friends, etc. Don't feel bad about taking breaks from your work! Go to your happy place and rejuvenate yourself for the rest of your days responsibilities. You will be surprised at how beneficial even just 20 minutes of fresh, outside air is!

3. Study with friends

Marvin Meyer

Don't isolate yourself from your friends because you're stressed. Chances are they are on the same struggle bus. Set up study dates with friends and see how fun school work can be when you're surround by your best supporters!

4. Eat that extra piece of cake

Harnish Ganatra

Go ahead and dive in to that extra piece of cake because you deserve it! Stressful times cause for guilty pleasures and that's perfectly okay. You can worry about the gym when you are settled in and comfortable with your new classes, job, etc.

5. Get organized

Ella Jardim

Getting organized is one of the best ways to make your life easier with all of the changes of a new semester. Having a planner and a place for all your work in one place is the top recipe for being less stressed.You don't have to worry about checking your school's website everyday for when your homework is due or trying to retrieve papers you need to study which calls for being more lazy (and who doesn't love being lazy).

6. Boost those oxygen levels

Ella Jardim

We often get so caught up in the mess that is our college lives and we forget to actually take the time to mindfully breathe. Take 5 min here and there out of your day to take deep breaths. This puts your body in a state of relaxation and can you help you refocus to carry on with your day.

7. Buy yourself some plants

Prudence Earl

Having plants in your study area or room naturally helps you to relax (it's scientifically proven). So go out and purchase yourself some cute indoor friends!

8. Pucker up buttercup 

Toa Heftiba

Find yourself a pucker partner and lower your stress levels! Kissing releases "happy hormones" which can help increase your mood while juggling all that comes with being a college student.

9. Take it back to your childhood days

J. Kelly Brito

Take some time in between classes, shifts, or whatever else you're juggling and color. Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala says coloring relaxes you by lowering the activity of the part of your brain that controls your emotions that are affected by stress. Coloring isn't just for kids anymore!

10. When in doubt, journal it out

Estée Janssens

Writing down your stresses and worries helps release them from being on your mind! And by writing them down and visually seeing it you may come up with a great solution to what's causing you stress.

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