Making friends in college can be difficult and frustrating, but sometimes it's a lot easier than you think it is.

1. Join social network pages for your school.

Most schools have an accepted students page on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Once you join it, scope out some of the profiles of the other accepted students and see if you have anything in common with them. It may seem weird at first, but you'll both be happy when you have someone to hang out with when you first get on campus.

2. Find common interests. 

This may sound sort of cut and dry, but it can sometimes be hard to find common interests with people if you don't to them. If you see someone wearing a shirt with a band you like, say something. Hear someone mention they're from the same state as you? Find out where they're from. The same goes for you though; ask people if they've seen some of the shows or movies you like. If they have, talk about it, if they haven't, tell them why they should see it.

3. Go to school events and join school clubs.

The first couple weeks of school are jammed packed with school-sanctioned events. Don't be afraid to go. If you don't want to go alone, ask your roommate and then see who you recognize from move-in or orientation. Joining school clubs that you have an interest in will expose you to a whole new group of people that have some of the same interests as you and provides you with a platform to start talking.

4. Sit next to people in class.

When you walk into class, try not to alienate yourself instantly. Try to sit close to someone else. Ask them if they did the reading or if they've taken this professor before. You may not be making a life-long friend, but having a friend in class is nice to make sure you have someone to ask for notes when you miss class.

5. Invite people places.

Buy a whiteboard for your room and write things like "Going to the movies @ 5. Who wants to come?" People are always looking for something fun to do, but a lot of people don't want to be the one to ask, so be the person that does! Also having games like Card Against Humanity in your room is nice too, because you can always have small parties in your room and meet some of the people that live on your floor.

6. Follow people on social media.

Don't be afraid to ask people for their social media when you meet them. People are always looking for some more internet clout, plus having more people on social media lets you see what's going on on campus and lets you communicate with more people.

7. Just talk to people. 

Just talk to people.

When all else fails, just walk up to people and talk to them. Ask people how their day is going. Say hi to people that live on your floor. Everyone is feeling a little awkward and alone right now, so you're not alone.

You're going to meet so many people your first couple weeks that it can seem overwhelming and like you're not really bonding with anyone, but give it some time. Some people will become close friends and others will become people that you smile at in the hallway. Just take a breath and say hi.