Friends are the best things in life, but it sucks when you live far apart from each other. Maybe you met your friends through a camp or a trip, or someone moved away, but having someone you love in another state is a blessing and a curse.

1. Time zones get in the way of everything.

If your friend is in another time zone, you have to plan out when to talk to each other, because they might be asleep when you're awake, in school when you're not, or just doing other things. It makes communication difficult some days.

2. You have conversations going on different social media platforms.

There are times where I'll quite literally be Facebook messaging my friends, then answering a Snapchat from them, then sending them photos on Tumblr within a 5-minute interval. It's a little extra, but it shows how connected the internet makes you.

3. They're the first person you want to invite to things... but can't.

The literal WORST is when you want to hang out with your friend, but they live 900 miles away. This sucks beyond compare and never gets easier to comprehend.

4. Facetime and Skype calls are often highlights of your week.

My friends and I don't call each other much, as we're all super busy, but when you can actually talk face to face (or screen to screen), it makes the distance feel a little smaller.

5. You hear about all of the gossip that happens in their life, and you wouldn't tell anyone in your state about it,

Since your friend lives in another state, no one in the state that you live in knows about them. You automatically become the person that your friends can tell anything to, since, even if you did blab, it wouldn't cause unnecessary drama if you knew. This gives you so much inside information on your friend's friends, it's unbelievable.

6. People always ask you if you miss your friends, since you can't see them for a while.

Yes, I miss them beyond belief, but ASKING ABOUT IT DOESN'T MAKE IT BETTER. It just reminds me that I can't see them whenever I want to.

7. You joke about driving over to see them whenever you want to.

The amount of times I've wanted to drop everything and drive to another state is a little ridiculous.

8. When you do have plans to see them, you immediately make a countdown on your phone.

No, I totally am not keeping track of how many seconds it'll be until I see them again. Pssh.

9. Waiting to see your friends is total agony...


10. But when you do see them, it's the best feeling in the world.

Nothing can top the feeling of seeing your people again. Soon, guys. Soon.