From Dresses To Jorts These 10 Expectations And Tips Will Help Any Girl Dating A Fraternity Guy
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From Dresses To Jorts These 10 Expectations And Tips Will Help Any Girl Dating A Fraternity Guy

Its not a frat bro, its a fraternity

From Dresses To Jorts These 10 Expectations And Tips Will Help Any Girl Dating A Fraternity Guy

My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a long time now. I knew getting into our relationship that he was in a fraternity. I didn't really understand everything about fraternities at the time when we started dating but now I do. Here are some tips for anyone talking to or thinking about dating a "frat boy."

1. Frat

I don't think I could count on my hands how many times my boyfriend has corrected me on saying frat. It's honestly one big joke but some guys take it seriously. Most guys in fraternities won't call them frats because as my boyfriend and his brothers say "you wouldn't call your mother a mu and you wouldn't call your country a cunt, would you?"

2. Dresses

Semi and Formal are each are at the end of the semester and you are going to need a dress for both of them. You also may need a dress for any special occasion, some socials are wacky themes or blazers and dresses. Most importantly, are the big fraternity events where alumni come. For my boyfriend's fraternity, it's a big event called Convivium, where they celebrate their founding. This is an event you that will need a really nice dress for because most guys rent a tux for it.

3. Complaining

Nothing in a fraternity is ever sane. I listen to the guys vent about all sorts of problems they are having with members or nationals. There is always something happening that causes a ruckus especially if you date someone who holds an important role in the fraternity.

4. Girls

The guys are constantly talking to girls in sororities or other organizations to get close to them and hold events together. You have to be okay with them talking. The fraternity will be doing events with these girls and they will have to talk because it's awkward if they don't. Don't get upset that they made a friend with a girl in another organization, they aren't cheating, just making friends.

5. Party

There will be parties, some you may go to, and some you might not. It's gonna be okay, a lot of the time the guys use parties as an excuse to hang out with everyone. When you attend the parties also, have fun. Get ready to meet new people and have a good night. Parties are an awesome way to network and maybe make friends you never knew you could have.

6. Time

Being in a fraternity is like being in a sorority, it's a huge time commitment. These guys have the weekend planned for philanthropy events, brotherhood events, and community service events. Don't expect to be able to see your guy every day on the weekend because sometimes they will be really busy with all these commitments. They might even be tired after and just want to sleep. Being out all day picking up trash somewhere gets exhausting.

7. Jerseys

Invest in a few jerseys. Whether it be a party or a tailgate, you are going to need at least one to wear out.

8. Stupidity

Get ready for drunken stupidity. There's nothing else to say besides, the guys get rowdy and things get broken.

9. Hawaiians

Your guy is going be wearing one of those tourist shirts all the time like he is vacationing in the Pacific. With all this being said, be prepared for dad clothes and shoes. Your guy is probably going to dress like a dad, everything from the New Balances to a Miller Lite in his hand, get ready for the dad bod.

10. Jorts

It's a fraternity tradition as old as time, as my boyfriend and his brothers say. You will hate them, because I know that I do. You'll honestly have to get over it though because they will all be rocking jorts to tailgates, games, or even just around the dorm.

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