Tips for a Stress Free Finals Week
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Tips for a Stress Free Finals Week

We all know the stress involving finals is inevitable, but we can minimize it.

Tips for a Stress Free Finals Week
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Finals are quickly approaching and we all know preparing and taking finals are stressful, but they do not have to be. Here are some tips when it comes to studying and taking finals to make it as stress-free as possible.

Bring a snack and water.

If you’re study it is good to munch on a snack and drinking water. If you’re taking a final eat a snack before you go and bring a water if allowed. That way you stay hydrated and do not have to focus on coughing or dreaming about drinking an ice-cold water.

Take breaks.

Taking breaks in between your work is never a bad thing. It let’s your brain and thoughts take a minute and rest. This is incredibly helpful if you’re stuck on a problem. Instead of racking your brain it is better to take a few seconds or minutes to not think about the problem. After the break your brain has a new perspective on solving the problem.

Reward yourself.

Rewarding yourself is a fun and effective way to get work done. If you’re writing a paper after every paragraph you could reward yourself with watching a YouTube video or a piece of candy. Maybe after studying 4 hours for a final you can go to the gym or go out to eat. Rewarding yourself for the hard work encourages you to finish your work.

Do not wait until the last minute.

I know we are all guilty of waiting until the last second to do a paper or study for final. For most individuals, you do not retain all the information last second. You actually tend to lose it once you see the final. So prepare days or even week(s) in advance. This gives you time to study a lot of material and spread out the workload throughout the days.

Budget your time.

This sounds simpler than it actual is. However, planning your study schedule out can be very helpful. You can adjust the schedule as needed but if you budget your time then you are able to see how long you need to study or write your paper for. This also helps you not wait until the last minute. You can do this on a piece of paper, on your calendar on your phone or laptop, or even in an agenda.

Write what you know.

When you get your test and it is essay format go ahead and jot down every topic and idea that comes to your mind immediately. If you wait to do this your ideas could leave your brain and not come back. This would cause you anxiety since you are trying to remember what you wanted to talk about. So just go ahead and jot down your thoughts before writing.

Go with your gut.

Your gut is usually right. If your gut is telling you a specific answer, go with it. Second guessing yourself can mess you up sometimes.

Get plenty of sleep.

It is incredibly important to keep yourself well rested. Your brain will work better rested compared to staying up all night and cramming in 12 chapters of material. Getting a good 6-8 hours is recommended. You will thank me and yourself later.

These are a few tricks and tips that you can utilize. Everyone works different compared to everyone else, so do whatever works best for you.

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