Use these seven tips to complete all of your homework efficiently and effectively.

1. Put on instrumental music. 

It doesn't need to be classical (although for me it is). The objective is to listen to something that won't make you sing along and be distracted. If you are easily distracted with something playing in the background, go with silence.

2. Take breaks.

Set a time for 15-30 minutes to work as hard as you can and then take a five-minute break. You should especially do this if you are working on a computer. Your eyes are not meant to be looking at a screen for extended periods of time. Give them the rest that they need and then get back to work.

3. Make snacks.

Snacks provide brain fuel. Chips, celery, and peanut butter, frozen grapes (my new favorite snack), or even the good old-fashioned goldfish. Snacks are good to have for when you are studying for long hours and don't have time to make full meals or are studying on the go.

4. Plan ahead.

If you know this upcoming assignment is going to take however many hours to complete, you make sure that you have that time blocked out in your schedule to complete it. Rush work is hardly ever your best work. And late work doesn't always get credit. Take the time and make the time.

5. Ask for help.

If you are stuck on a problem or don't know how to start a paper, ask for help. There are so many resources around to help you. There are several university 24/7 online chats where faculty can help you whenever you need it. If you prefer in-person help, set up an appointment with a tutor. If you are lucky enough to have a tutor or teacher assistant specifically for one of your classes, take advantage of their time. They chose to be there to help you.


I am also at fault for failing to do this, so don't feel like I'm calling you out. That being said, it is a good idea to either turn off your phone completely or at least put it on silent or do not disturb for while you are doing homework. I can speak from experience in saying that I am addicted to social media and struggle putting it down while I am doing homework. But I am getting better at realizing how important this semester is for me to get good grades, so I am more putting my phone on do not disturb while doing homework.

7. Be well rested.

If you are too tired to look at a computer screen or read a textbook, you need sleep. Yes, you can drink coffee and energy drinks. But after that sugar and caffeine high wears off, you will still be groggy and need sleep. So why not skip a step and take a nap. I will admit, I take about three naps a week to make sure I am getting enough sleep.