College is stressful. We all know this. We have family members who have gone through college stress, friends, and so many others. And while we are able to sometimes do things like develop time management skills, anti-procrastination skills, etc. There are so many other methods to beat college stress.

1. Exercise regularly (or just when you can).

I personally think that exercising helps me sometimes. And sometimes, I go running for 2 miles and I still feel anxious after running. So, if this works for you then continue exercising!

Making it daily might be beneficial or just having a specific time where you exercise can help with time management skills. This also helps you with setting time for yourself!

2. Eat Healthy.

Unfortunately, college takes up so much time that students are constantly eating on the go, with the rare home-cooked meals.

But maybe, instead of taking that chocolate bar/energy drink to class, prep early! Make yourself a sandwich the night before, or a nice fruit snack! This takes away some stress that students feel when worrying about eating. Also, if you're worrying about eating, in general, check out places on your campus that give away food (i.e. club events!).

3. Sleep (and nap!)

You may think that studying and doing a project the entire night might help (and maybe it will), but in the end you are hurting your body! Most students don't receive the full amount of sleep/rest that they need.

Lack of sleep affects your concentration, so make sure you try your best to sleep as much as you can, and take naps, if needed.

4. Keep a journal.

Whether you enjoy doodling or writing, journals are a great way to express any emotions that you may be feeling while experiencing college stress. This can also go for musical compositions, artworks, etc.

5. Take a break.

Sometimes, just taking a moment to breathe and recollect yourself is necessary.

Taking a break will provide better results with concentration in class and work ethic. Pushing yourself without taking a break might just do the opposite.

So try your best to find a few minutes each day to take a walk, maybe listen to some music, meditate, breathe, or just sit quietly.

6. Ask for help.

Remember that you are human, and that sometimes it's okay to not be okay. We are not invincible. We have limits. If you need to vent, talk to family or friends! And don't be afraid to seek professional help when you get overwhelmed (whether you're in college or not).

I hope that these tips will help you in your endeavors while in college. Remember to take care of yourself before anything else. Mental health and physical health are so important, and I think that we forget that sometimes. Remember that you are not alone, that you have people you can lean on when times get tough.

You will get through it! You will make it! I believe in you.