You Could End Up As Tinderella
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You Could End Up As Tinderella

Or it might just make a funny story.

You Could End Up As Tinderella
College Humor

People are often talking about how “dating” apps (otherwise known as "hookup" apps) are completely useless and a waste of time. There is so much doubt about finding love, or even a friendship online, which also comes with a lot of users being skeptical. I don’t blame anyone for keeping their guard up and not meeting everyone they talk to — you should always play it safe on sites like Tinder and Plenty of Fish, but I believe there is a time and place where people should loosen up a bit. In my opinion, if you’re single, you should have a Tinder profile. Here’s why.

You truly never know who you might meet.

It’s very cheesy to say, but your soul mate might be one swipe-to-the-right away. It’s true that there are tons of people on these apps for a completely different reason than you, but there are also a ton of people who are searching for the same things you are, and more importantly, there is someone out there who is looking for you and doesn’t even realize it — not in the creepy, stalker way, but more in the soul mate/true love/meant-to-be-together-forever type of way.

You may change someone’s reason for being on Tinder — without even realizing.

The ugly truth that most people don’t really want to admit: a lot of people are looking for a one night stand. From a girl’s point of view, we want to get to know you and really talk — even if we know your intentions. We will unintentionally try to change them. So, in the midst of possibly changing their intentions, somewhere along the line, you may just peak their interest. Talk your match’s ear off — tell him your favorite color, ask him what toothpaste he uses, tell him a secret. Hey, he might just fall for you. (Even if he doesn’t, it’s always fun telling a stranger your secrets).

It’s an odd way to become aware of who else is on your college campus.

Back in my Tinder days, I remember getting matched with people who not only attended the same college, but who were from my own town, which resulted in an easy conversation, and an interesting friendship.

It’s fun, distracting, and easy.

Like I said, you never know who you might meet, and it’s so easy. I mean really, at the swipe of a picture, you could be matching with someone very special. If you haven’t matched with someone special (yet), then you’re having fun asking your friends if you should swipe left or right, and you’re also being distracted by other men/women who did you wrong.

Being single can get lonely sometimes.

Your roommate is out with her boyfriend, or your friends went out without you. I know you’re looking for someone to talk to, so just turn to Tinder! Sometimes, it’s nice talking to someone you don’t know about your problems. You don’t have to meet the person; you can just turn to talk to someone for entertainment when you don’t feel like talking to the people you already know.

You'll always find someone who is willing to listen.

Even if you're not looking for a relationship or someone to hang out with, sometimes you want to pour out all of your problems to someone who is just willing to listen. It could be because you just like talking about yourself, or because you feel like you've talked about your own problems too much with your friends already.

You enjoy a little boost in the self-esteem department.

We all get down on ourselves time after time, so why not let total strangers compliment us? Even if we know they’re probably copy and pasting the same little pick-up line to all their matches. Point is, your day can be made, and maybe you can make someone else's day with a nice compliment.

It really is the same thing as meeting someone at a bar or party.

People have this weird, uncomfortable theory that online dating is a terrible thing that you don't mess with. Sure, Tinder can get pretty iffy since there are so many people just looking for "hook-ups," but that's pretty much what it's like being at a bar. If you meet someone at a bar, they say hey, you say hey, you create some small talk, and you may or may not hit it off. Tinder is the same exact thing. You're creating small talk with a complete stranger based on their appearance. Sorry, but no one has ever sat in a bar and thought to themselves, "Gee, that guy looks like he's got an amazing personality!" No. Sorry, but no. The bar scene and the Tinder scene are very much similar.

So, for anyone out there who is single and not already on Tinder, take a whack at it. No harm done. Even if it's just to vent to someone who is willing to listen. It's okay to be Tinderella.

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