Tinder is a famous dating app which is known mostly for its aid in finding hook ups. It is wildly popular on college campuses across the country, so for your sheer entertainment I decided to put myself on Tinder for 24 hours. Lord help me.


1. My Tinder profile is actually me

2. The maximum distance must be set to 5 miles

3. I must swipe right on everyone AND respond to every message I receive

5. I must stay on for 24 hours

6. When asked what I am doing I must respond "writing an article"

7. I will post my favorite finds, blurring out names/information to maintain privacy.

Here goes nothing...

November 7, 2017

3:00 PM - My tinder account has officially been made. I let Facebook put whatever pictures of me it wanted to and kept those. I did not write a bio. I then continued to swipe right on every guy until I ran out of free swipes. Upon doing this, I instantly regret my decision. Seriously, instantly.

November 8th: THE RESULTS

No words for this one...no words.

Wait, what?

This guy that caught on instantly...

Is there a D, none of the above?

I read the first part and was so excited for a cheesy pick up line... I was so wrong.

And finally.... Huh?

Now for my favorite part... The best bios:

I laughed at this one for a solid five minutes

I didn't know whether to laugh, or feel bad for the kid.

Very happy to hear of your recovery, dude.

I had to leave his name in for this to make any sense... Too good.

This guy is a lady killer that is 100% here to impress the ladies of Merrimack

Again... laughed for a good five minutes.

Weird brag dude, weird brag.

Ladies, he knows Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you will always have access to dogs, and he wants to do yoga with you. *queue Mr.Steal Your Girl*

And finally...

Overall, I hate to admit this, but I honestly had fun being on Tinder for 24 hours. It was really funny and at times really beyond uncomfortable but did I die though?! In all reality, I obviously chose the most interesting messages I received, however, I actually received some really nice and thoughtful messages which completely took me by surprise. I deleted my account after the 24 hours was up, but if you actually are searching for something with someone on campus I would recommend Tinder. You're going to find the creepiest and some of the nicest guys on campus, and who knows maybe even a little magic ;).

*Actual footage of me after the 24 hours was up*