All The Times Red Forman Threatened To Put His Foot In Someone's A**
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All The Times Red Forman Threatened To Put His Foot In Someone's A**

Red Forman's foot in your ass.

All The Times Red Forman Threatened To Put His Foot In Someone's A**

We all loved the 70's...just kidding! I wasn't even alive back then, but I did love "That 70's Show."

It was a show that focused around six friends named Eric, Steven, Donna, Michael, Fez, and Jackie who always hung out in the Forman's basement, and that always made Red upset.

Red is this cranky character that fought in the Vietnam war and is always upset about something...except when he is threatening to put a foot in someone's ass. So, I took Hyde's advice to Eric in writing a book (article) of all the times Red said his very famous line.

1. "How would you like my foot in your ass?"

2. "You morons just hung a vacancy sign on your asses, and my foot is looking for a room"

3."You know, I oughta vandalize your ass with my foot"

4."Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs put their foot in your ass"

5. "Hey, let go of my foot in your ass"

6. "Get it off, or you'll have a classic case of foot stuck in ass"

7. "How would you like your keen eye to watch my sure foot kick your smart ass?"

8. "How would you like to own a little bit of my foot in your ass?"

9. "How about I drive my foot into this thing called your ass?"

10. "May I suggest the footing of your ass?"

11. "What did he do? I swear I'll kick his ass"

12. "Get under there or you're gonna get a spider the size of my foot in your ass"

13. "So, you can either walk out of here on your own or you can hop out of here with my boot in your ass"

14. "If that's a Star Wars thing, I'm gonna kick your ass"

15. "You know, we could call in a specialist to find my foot in your ass"

16. "Yeah, well, if I had mistle-foot it'd be in your ass"

17. "I wish I had 2,000 feet so I could put 500 of them in each of your asses"

18. "You're lucky this table is standing between my foot and your ass"

19. "My foot is shaking, it wants to kick his ass so bad"

20. "Well I have a prank too, one where my foot doesn't plow through your ass. Let's hope it goes horribly, horribly wrong"

21. "My foot is about to drill a hole in your ass"

22. "I'm about to kick your ass"

23. "If you ever do anything like that ever again, I will kick your ass so hard, your nose will bleed"

24. "My foot kicking your ass"

25. "I can name five toes that are gonna be in your ass"

26. "If anything is vandalized, or explodes, or catches on fire, X is going to equal me, kicking your ass"

27. "Now, why don't you go bust some pot smoking teenagers, before I give you a good adult size kick in the ass"

28. "You are about to read a book that my foot wrote, it's called On The Road to In Your Ass"

29. "Keep up with the smart mouth and my foot will be 9/10ths of the way up your ass"

30. "I was thinking I could turn my foot into your ass studio"

31. "When I get back home, I'm gonna kick him in the ass"

32. "It pays, my not putting my foot in your ass"

33. "I'm about to be sleep kicking your ass"

34. "Well, it's good to know that 17 years of kicking your ass has finally paid off"

35. "Sure, and then I'll light my foot off in your ass"

36. "If I were a younger, more flexible man, I'd shove my foot up my own ass"

37. "You know what else is hot? My foot when it's in your ass"

38. Bob: "The truth hurts"

Red: "So does a swift kick in the ass"

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