Time-Saving Makeup Tricks That Actually Work
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Time-Saving Makeup Tricks That Actually Work

Mornings can get hectic, so it is necessary to cut time on something that you can normally do.

Time-Saving Makeup Tricks That Actually Work


Mornings can get hectic, so it is necessary to cut time on something that you can normally do. This doesn't mean you should sacrifice your whole beauty routine in the process. Although some makeup routines can get extensive.

Thanks to some of the tricks that will be given to you in this article you want to have to sacrifice and will look just as good. Whether you are a master in makeup or a true beginner there is something for everyone in these tips.

First, there is using an eyeliner pencil that works great with any makeup type. Using this over a liquid liner will save you time and you don't have to worry about smudging. The next two are using lash extensions instead of mascara and using concealer over the foundation. The last time-saving hack is trying a bold lip instead of a gloss or lip liner.

Before saying one tip is not for you it is best to try all of them. You never know which tip could save you when you really need it. Well, let's get down to the details and talk more about them.

Pencil over Liquid?

Many makeup users prefer the pencil over the liquid because of its versatility. You can use it for the top and bottom lash line and it is easier to control. Beginners will have a better time using the pencil as well.

The eyeliner pencil can be sharpened to create a sharper tip that some liquid liners can not create. The liquid liners are often dismissed because of the smudging that can be created while applying, but some like the look.

If that's the case pencil liners can be smudged with your finger and give you the same look. Some pencils are infused with vitamin E, which helps strengthen your skin and not dry it out.

Extensions over Mascara?

Long and full lashes are always the goal but that rush in the morning is unforgiving of your time. Many times you are left layering mascara on that could look lumpy and unappealing. That is why you should consider using lash extensions.

They could be intimidating at first if you have not tried them before, but practice makes perfect. Now there are options for semi-permanent lashes that you don't have to put on a new pair every day. All it takes is a little maintenance in the morning to fix.

The great thing about these lashes is that they can last a long time, unlike mascara which can run, and it is not healthy to keep it on your eyes for too long. If you consider the price, this mascara has the edge. Lash extensions are more expensive than mascara, so you have to choose what is best for you.

Concealer over Foundation?

This is a well-known question among the makeup community, what is the difference between concealer and foundation? Also, which one would you choose? Many people have both in their makeup routine and that can take up lots of valuable time.

They both have similar purposes but have a few key differences. Foundation is usually made to fit your skin tone and help your complexion look even, while concealer is to provide extra coverage for problem spots the foundation didn't get.

Most of the time they are used together but it is also possible to just use concealer as well. If you just take care of those problem spots on your face, it gives a natural look like you have no makeup on. It will take time off your makeup routine and will require less maintenance.

It would be best to use a lightweight concealer and get one that is closest to your skin tone. The good thing about both of them is that they can come in liquid, creams, or stick forms.

Bold Lip over Gloss?

Sometimes people say less is more and in this case that can be true. This list is all about time-saving and this may be the most time-conserving tip.

If you have zero time to do your makeup and you can only use two products one of them should be a bold lipstick or simple lip gloss. That pop of color can take all the attention and make you still look put together.

Red lipstick is usually the go-to but there are other colors that you can try as well. If the bold red is too much for you, have a gloss in hand that makes you continue that no-makeup look. This will save you time instead of using a lip liner with a lip gloss look. Similar to the eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner decision.


Finding the right combination and tricks for yourself is going to take some time. No one can get it right the first time. Trial and error are going to be your best chance, but playing with makeup is fun.

The next time you are short on time remember these timesaving makeup tricks that actually work. Whether it is deciding between an eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. Or choosing lash extensions over mascara there will always be a way to cut down on your makeup routine.

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