Vine was one of the greatest creations, people all around the world were obsessed with this application which would show short clips that were no more than seven seconds. Tragically, Vine is no more. The new "Vine" is an application called Tik Tok, however many people refuse to even download the application. I think this is because of the way the application was marketed. Instead of advertising the funny comedic stuff, Tik Tok would advertise videos of people lip singing, and showcase people like Jojo Siwa.

However, the application is much more than that. My guess for their advertisement was that they wanted to attract younger teenagers in the world. Unfortunately, at doing so they have scared off the older teenagers and higher. I downloaded Tik Tok one night when I was bored, and managed to spend two hours scrolling through content. I encourage those who have not given the application a chance, to do so. I have managed to get around five of my friends to download the application and have managed to show them the best of the best videos to get them to keep it on their phones.

Unlike Vine, Tik Tok has a longer time span for videos, making it like a .gif version of YouTube. It is easy to attain followers on the application. I posted a video on my account of my Golden Retriever, and over 60,000 people have viewed it. My prior videos reached a few hundred people, with my follower count being around 15. Since having over 60,000 views I have gained 200 followers on the application, and the video itself has been liked by around 8,000 people and counting.

All I'm asking is that those individuals who are against Tik Tok, simply try it. They customize your "For You" page, based on the content that you like, so the application is tailored towards you.