Tigers & Tiaras
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Tigers & Tiaras

How crowns, hairspray and bobby pins raise over $50,000 for charities at the Miss LSU-USA Pageant.

Tigers & Tiaras

Every year the Sigma Chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority at Louisiana State University hosts the Miss LSU-USA pageant in the Spring. The pageant is a preliminary to the Miss Louisiana-USA Pageant, which is partnered with the Miss USA and Miss Universe Organization, and all proceeds from the event are donated each year to Delta Zeta's national and local philanthropies.

Locally, this includes Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area, The Emerge Center, St.Lillian's Academy and the Baton Rouge Children's Advocacy Center. Nationally, Delta Zeta supports the Painted Turtle Camp, which provides children with serious medical conditions the opportunity to celebrate their childhood through fun and supportive camp-based programs. Delta Zeta also supports the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides more than one million hearing aids, worldwide, to those in need.

With all of the Miss LSU-USA Pageant's proceeds donated to these philanthropies, both the contestants and audience members are helping to raise money and give back to the community, while being provided with entertainment along the way. For the contestants, the pageant is an experience of a lifetime. Win or lose, everyone leaves with new friendships, memories and skills to further their careers both in and outside of college.

With each contestant being judged in four categories: Personal Interview, Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Onstage Question; the audience is sure to be in for a fabulous evening of purple, gold, glitz and glamour! Not to mention, last year's pageant raised over $50,000, breaking national chapter records, so who's to say this year's pageant couldn't raise the bar even higher?

The tickets are only $10 to see all of this year's lovely 22 Miss LSU-USA 2015 contestants strut across the LSU Student Union Theater stage on Sunday, March 22 at 6 p.m. Don't miss out on Louisiana's Capital City, Crowns and Charity, and maybe if you're lucky you can even see Mike the Tiger strutting across the stage in his swimsuit this year... Love Purple Live Queenly*

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