15 Of My First Impressions To Songs From Machine Gun Kelly’s New Album 'Tickets to My Downfall'
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15 Of My First Impressions To Songs From Machine Gun Kelly’s New Album 'Tickets to My Downfall'

The wait for this album tested my patience in ways I didn't think possible but it was definitely worth it.

15 Of My First Impressions To Songs From Machine Gun Kelly’s New Album 'Tickets to My Downfall'

I don't care if you think you don't like Machine Gun Kelly because after listening to this album you will. Don't just take my word for it though, go listen to it!

1. "Title track"


This song starts out pretty slow with some acoustic vibes but then BAM, all of a sudden it transitions into hardcore punk-pop territory with some sick drums courtesy of Travis Barker. If you ever needed a song to headbang to, this is it. Blasting this in your car would most definitely result in doors shaking, heart-pounding, and serotonin pumping (and God knows we could all use some of that right now). I'd give it a solid 10/10 because it's such a great way to start off this album.

2. "Kiss Kiss"


If you ever need a drinking song (not that I'm encouraging you to drink), this is the one for you. Starting off strong with some dope electric guitar and soon followed by a wave of crashing drums, once Colson's voice comes in all bets are off because the perfect trifecta has been born. The lyrics encourage you to get completely trashed and to just live in the present as you drink from a bottle of God only knows what. Once quarantine ends and parties are a thing again, this song should100% make it onto your next party playlist.

3. "Drunk Face"


Bad Decisions? Yeah, they get made whenever you listen to this song. I don't make the rules, that's just what the universe intended for this track. Colson's voice comes in with the guitar this time as he begins to sing about all of his poor choices. Girls? Drugs? Wasting Time? Yup, he's done them all and plenty more. There's something about this song that just makes you want to jump up and down in your room while playing the air guitar and lip syncing terribly. The ending is really good too, very different from the first two songs.

4. "Bloody Valentine"


If you haven't seen the music video for this song yet, please go watch it right now. Seriously, go ahead, I'll wait... Okay, well if you refuse to watch it then you should know that the song is catchy as hell and I can't get enough of it and don't even get me started on the drum solo in this song because every f*cking time I hear it I get possessed and have to play the air drums. This could be the song that gets you through the rest of the pandemic, or it might be your new romantic anthem. Whatever the case, you're sure to enjoy it.

5. "Forget Me Too"


Halsey fans, this one is for you. This song is serving me major Paramore vibes and I'm not mad about it. The intro is slightly reminiscent of the first track, and there's nothing that I love more than when an album starts to come full circle. This track starts off slow and with acoustic vibes, and nothing is better than that short pause before the guitar, drum, and vocal tracks come in full-freakin'-force. This song has my inner emo screaming and the nostalgia is just too real here.

6. "All I Know"


Wow can I related to the beginning of this song! "All I know is I don't know nothing"... can any other college students relate to this? No? Just me? Well, that's unfortunate. It doesn't matter because this is the first song on the album that isn't necessarily "headbanging with the windows down while flying down the highway" crazy, but it certainly wouldn't be considered chill either. It's more likely to be your next favorite study jam or the motivation for your next all-nighter.

7. "Lonely"


This is my favorite song! Sorry, but if you don't listen to this song then we can't be friends. I cannot even begin to describe all of the feels that this song gives me. You can scream, you can cry, you can headbang, it's basically the Beyonce of the album (even though I hate Beyonce, but that's beside the point). Sure, it's one of the slower songs on the album, but that doesn't mean that it is any less intense. Also, I still haven't figured out what the commentary at the end of the song means and I'm too lazy to look it up, so can somebody give it a listen and let me know what's up? Great, thanks, guys.

8. "WWIII"


The title to this song made me wonder if Colson wrote this track in January after all of the speculations about a potential World War III, but the lyrics are making me think otherwise. I'm getting a lot of Green Day vibes, and if I had to put this song into a category it would be Chaotic Evil because that's how batshit crazy it is. I'm almost glad that it's only 59 seconds because I'm not sure how much more of it my ears could take. It's probably my least favorite song on the album, but only because I can barely focus on anything else while I'm listening to it.

9. "Kevin and Barracuda (Interlude)"


Now this is the track that I'd probably listen to if I was ever intoxicated (not that I've ever been intoxicated) because it's Just. That. Funny. It also feels like this is the closest I'll ever get to being inside of Colson's mind while he's high and so I will cherish this minute and twenty-three seconds forever because of that. Plus, Pete Davidson is on this track, so if that's not a reason to listen to it then I don't know what is.

10. "Concert For Aliens"


Aaaaaand we're BACK to the crazy mosh pit songs! Cue the catchy drum line, cue the guitar, and cue the raw vocals because it's like if Bowling for Soup's1985 and High School Never Ends had a love child. I've got to admit though that this is another relatable one for the college students out there if you're starting to struggle this semester (or if you're like me and have been struggling since the beginning). Also, the commentary at the end is priceless! If you haven't listened to this song yet, then I honestly feel sorry for you.

11. "My Ex's Best Friend"

Mgk GIF by Machine Gun Kelly Giphy

To any Blackbear fans out there, this one's for you guys. There better be more collaborations between Colson and Matthew because I am here for this song. It's catchy, but not like ear-worm catchy, and the music video is actually pretty dope. Also, there is something just really good about the mixing on this track, so even if you don't like this song you should still be able to appreciate the quality of it. Fair warning though that Megan Fox is in the music video for this song, so if you're not her biggest fan then I would advise against watching it.

12. "Jawbreaker"

Bloody Valentine GIF by Machine Gun Kelly Giphy

No, this song is not about candy, although those are pretty good too. This track is actually about a girl and a very sexy one at that. If I had a list of songs to fuck to (which I don't, but if I did), this might end up on the list just because of how explicit the lyrics are. I'm really digging the passion that was poured into this song because it's not just about lust, but about an amazing girl, and I envy Colson for being able to put his emotions into words so well.

13. "Nothing Inside"


If you've got a haunted past or a heart of stone, then this will definitely be your new favorite song. As someone who has been referred to as an "ice queen" and a "cold-hearted bitch" on multiple occasions, I can really relate to these lyrics. I'm not sure who inspired this song but she and Colson must've had one h*ll of a relationship. Also, the phrase "I'm running low on serotonin" is literally giving me LIFE because same my dude, same.

14. "Banyan Tree (Interlude)"


OK, I have so many thoughts about this interlude, and if you don't like Colson's new beau Megan Fox then keep scrolling because she's all over this track. I was ready to cry after a minute and a half of listening to a conversation between Megan and Colson because it hit So Close to home. The only problem I have is that after hearing a very deep and meaningful conversation, the last thing you hear is Megan saying "same". Like, um, excuse me? I did not sit through this amazing album only to have one of the most profound songs end with a tacky and overrated Gen-Z comment. Everything else was great besides that last word though, so you should 100% give it a listen.

15. "Play This When I'm Gone"


The last song of the album! Now this song will for sure make you cry if you haven't yet, either because of its message or because you know that there are no more new songs after this (unless you go check out the deluxe album, which I highly recommend you do). Whatever the case, if you don't cry to this track then you've either never experienced loss or you're a psychopath. Those are the only two options, there are no other possible explanations. If you like Colson's old music then you're sure to love this song because it has that old, raw, vulnerable type of story-telling that can only be created by Colson mother-freakin Baker.

Check out MGK's new album and see if you agree with me for any of the above songs!

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