In a tiny strip mall on the corner of Mesa and Thunderbird, across from a dive bar and a Kentucky Fried Chicken is a tiny Mexican seafood place called Tia’s. Tia’s delivers an authentic Mexican seafood experience that feels just like homemade at affordable prices.

Tia’s is bright and friendly with a warm green accented wall, and brightly colored tablecloths, creating a welcoming atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. The staff is cheerful and inviting, but also professional, waiting with efficiency.

The menu, like most Mexican restaurants, is comprehensive, featuring familiar Mexican favorites like chile rellenos and enchiladas. Tia’s specialty however, is seafood and that is where their culinary skills truly shine.

They have an extensive filet entree menu, each showcasing different aspects of Mexican cooking. It’s hard to find any good seafood in a city so far from any decent body of water. I can’t remember the last time the Rio Grande had water in it much less living fish. However, Tia’s doesn’t disappoint, offering up many different styles and types of seafood.

From ceviche to Filete Veracruzana, Tia’s seafood selection tastes fresh and is cooked to perfection. Pair your meal with a Mexican Coca-Cola and you’ll be in food heaven. In all honesty, my absolute favorite thing from Tia’s and it alone a reason to check this place out at all, is the fish soup. Tia serves a light fish soup, complimentary with every order. It’s simply seasoned, unassuming, and fresh.

So the next time you eat out, give Tia’s a try. Support a local business and enjoy yourself while doing it.


6110 N. Mesa St.

Open Monday through Saturday from 11-7