Pet Peeves That'll Annoy Anyone, Not Just Me

Pet Peeves That'll Annoy Anyone, Not Just Me

A throwback to a project from last year.

Today, my teacher gave me back a project I did last year, so I decided to read through it. The project was an autobiography. We picked a certain amount of letters and used those letters for a topic. For example, for 'A' I wrote about art, and for 'D' I wrote about Divergent (because I was super obsessed with it last year). Who am I kidding? I'm still obsessed.

Anyway, understand what I'm saying? Well, I was looking through it and the topic for 'P' captured my attention. It was labeled "Pet Peeves."

Here it is:

"To be completely honest, I have a lot of pet peeves. One of my pet peeves is getting interrupted. I dislike it so much because it is disrespectful. It is especially annoying when it has nothing to do with what you were talking about. If I get interrupted once it's not a big deal. But if I get interrupted a second time I will automatically shut my mouth. It just shows that the person interrupting you doesn't care about what you're trying to say.

Another major pet peeve of mine is hearing bad grammar. I'm not perfect, and yes I make grammatical errors, but I usually correct myself most of the time. I get so mad when I hear my brother say "gots." "She gots it," is what he would say. And then I would cringe and say, "No, she does not gots it, she has it. Another thing that makes me cringe is seeing people misuse "your and you're" and "their, there, and they're." I learned the difference between those words before seventh grade.

My biggest pet peeve is definitely people talking to me while I am trying to read. I don't mind it every once in awhile but if I'm in a good part and someone keeps trying to talk to me, I lose my cool real quick. I don't want to be rude and tell them to shut their mouth because that would be rude. But it just boils my blood when someone can't take the hint and let me read in peace."

Honestly, this hasn't changed. Of course being interrupted still irritates me. The grammar part is spot on. Yeah, I know I'm not perfect and I mess up sometimes, but seriously. You're = you are. "Your cool" makes absolutely no sense. You do not own cool, my friend. And the book one is STILL TRUE. If I am reading, please take the hint and leave me alone. Come on now.

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