58 Throwback Songs You Forgot About

58 Throwback Songs You Forgot About

For Multiple Genres, the Ultimate List of Throwbacks You Probably Forgot

Remember those times in the car with your best friend, both of you desperately trying to remember songs from when you were younger so you can bring back the memories (hint hint, like thanks for the memories)? Or the times you're given the aux, and you think the best route to make everyone happy is the songs we all grew up with, yet you don't want to play the ones that are first to come to mind when people say "throwback" (aka Mr. Brightside).

Well, stress no longer. Here is a perfect list organized by genre of throwback songs that everyone can recognize but most forget about until they're already playing. These songs were big in their time and of course, hold a special place in the hearts of many. Skim through, find some old faves, and get to jamming.

For a few popular genres of music, here are some throwback songs that you may have forgotten about. Feel free to use this list to get you started and add your own, share with friends, and enjoy!


1. Sweet Escape -- Gwen Stefani

2. Best Love Song -- T-Pain

3. Forever -- Chris Brown

4. Pon De Replay -- Rihanna

5. What's My Name -- Rihanna ft. Drake

6. Misery -- Maroon 5

7. Love Like Woe -- The Ready Set

8. Fire Burning -- Sean Kingston

9. Double Vision -- 3OH!3

10. 21 Questions -- 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg

11. Bring It Back -- Travis Porter

12. Beautiful Girls -- Sean Kingston


1. My Own Worst Enemy -- Lit

2. Sugar, We're Going Down -- Fall Out Boy

3. Sweater Weather -- The Neighbourhood

4. Teenage Dirtbag -- Wheatus

5. When You Were Young -- The Killers

6. Beverly Hills -- Weezer

7. Adam's Song -- blink-182

8. In Too Deep -- Sum 41

9. Scar Tissue -- Red Hot Chili Peppers

10. American Idiot -- Green Day

11. Welcome to the World -- Kevin Rudolf ft. Rick Ross

12. Nine In the Afternoon -- Panic! At the Disco


1. Bedrock -- young Money

2. Bottoms Up -- Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj

3. Smack That -- Akon ft. Eminem

4. I'm On One -- DJ Khaled

5. Cinderella Man -- Eminem

6. Good Life -- Kayne West

7. Lollipop -- Lil Wayne

8. Say Yeah -- Wiz Khalifa

9. Erase Me -- Kid Cudi ft. Kayne West

10. Missed Calls -- Mac Miller

11. Whatever You Like -- T.I.

12. Get Silly -- V.I.C.

13. Flashing Lights -- Kayne West


1. Miss Independent -- Ne-Yo

2. Sexy Can I -- Ray J

3. Temperature -- Sean Paul

4. Quickie -- Miguel

5. It Won't Stop -- Sevyn Streeter

6. Obsessed -- Mariah Carey

7. Survivor -- Destiny's Child

8. U Got It Bad -- Usher

9. Turnin' Me On -- Keri Hilson

10. Boyfriend #2 -- Pleasure P


1. When The Stars Go Blue -- Tim McGraw

2. Last Name -- Carrie Underwood

3. Springsteen -- Eric Church

4. Gunpowder & Lead -- Miranda Lambert

5. 'Til Summer Comes Around -- Keith Urban

6. You Belong With Me -- Taylor Swift

7. Wanted -- Hunter Hayes

8. Hicktown -- Jason Aldean

9. Crazy Girl -- Eli Young Band

10. Online -- Brad Paisley

11. Chicken Fried -- Zac Brown Band

Cover Image Credit: Julie Myers

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