A Throwback To Middle School
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A Throwback To Middle School

Three years of fashion trends and awkward dances later and we somehow made it out looking normal.

A Throwback To Middle School
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Everyone remembers their awkward middle school years and the trends that came along with them. We all cringe as we flip through old photo albums and friends dig up pictures on Facebook from that sadly not forgotten period. But as we do look back on those years, certain trends resurface and we can't help but laugh at what we used to think was so cool.

1. Abercrombie and Fitch

You're lying if you say you never had a shirt, jacket, or flip-flops branded with the A&F logo. Yes, this includes Hollister and Abercrombie, too. If you really dig back in your closet I'm sure you could still find some in there.

2. Tank-tops over t-shirts

I'm not really sure why this was such a trend, but at my middle school all of the girls would find a loophole in the dress code rules and wear their sequined tanks over solid colored tops. Take that, teachers.

3. Crocs

Don't even try to deny it — you loved those shoes and their easy accessibility. Not to mention all of the cool accessories you could add in the holes. What a fashion statement.

4. Colorful braces bands

Of course you always had red and green bands for Christmas and matched your friends for fun. Everyone knew who your clique was.

5. Silly Bandz

The higher the stack of bands up your arm, the cooler you were. You had every shape from hearts to elephants in a rainbow of colors.

6. Gaucho pants

Gauchos were a personal favorite of mine. They transitioned so easily from school to dance class and were always comfortable, and let's be real: they matched everything and went perfectly with your crocs.

7. North Face and Uggs

Winter came around and I pulled out my hot pink fleece Northface and brown Uggs and rocked that look while staying warm. It was the perfect pair.

8. HAGS!

Have A Great Summer! If you didn't write that in at least twelve yearbooks and seventeen t-shirts...there is no if. You know know you did.

9. That includes LYLAS and LYLAB, too.

Love You Like A Sister/Brother! You were best friends with basically everyone so these acronyms got a lot of use.

10. Edited pictures

Look back through your Facebook albums from your middle school days and you're guaranteed to find some colorful edits of you and your besties. Of course you also put Besties! Love ya! Hearts! all over them too, just to make sure everyone knew who your BFF was.

11. Don't forget the "tag your friends" pics, too.

You and your 30 closest friends were always tagged.

12. Middle school dances

The teachers didn't even have to ask you to make room for Jesus, because who actually wanted to dance with someone from the opposite sex? As if.

Middle school was an awkward period for us all, while we tried desperately to keep up with trends and friends. Thanks for the memories and laughs middle school, it was a fun three years.

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