Recently I fell down the rabbit hole of 1990s and early 2000s music. It started with a 90s music challenge that I watched on YouTube and culminated in downloading the SongPop app and attempting to win some challenges of my own. I realized, though, that the music I listened to growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s is not exactly the music that everyone else listened to. Sure, I know some Destiny’s Child songs and can definitely recognize the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears when I hear a few notes, but that was not what I grew up with. Being from a Christian household meant that there were some different, but equally (if not more) awesome artists making the rounds on cassette tapes in the car, or in my parent’s big black CD player. Since throwback anything is having a moment right now, I thought I would compile a list – a list that turned out to be much longer and full of much more awesomeness (“Awesome God,” anyone?) than I anticipated. Behold, a throwback Christian music list that any 90s kid can appreciate, complete with YouTube tracks of each song for your listening pleasure.

1. “Jesus Freak” by DC Talk

2. “Shine” by Newsboys

3. “Shackles” by Mary Mary

4. “Camouflage” by Plus One

5. “With all of My Heart” by ZOE Girl

6. “Jump, Jump, Jump” by True Vibe

7. “Different Now” by Out of Eden”

8. “Holy” by Nicole Nordeman

9. “Dive” by Steven Curtis Chapman

10. “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life” by Stacie Orri


11. “Live For You” by Rachel Lampa

12. “Every Time I Fall” by Jack Velasquez

13. “Testify to Love” by Avalon (or, if you are from my family, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”)

14. “You Found Me” by FFH

15. “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe

16. “Flood”by Jars of Clay

17. “Great Light of the World” by Bebo Norman

18. “Show Me Your Glory” by Third Day

19. “I Still Believe” by Jeremy Camp

20. “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline

While this list is far from comprehensive, listening to some of these songs will bring on a serious sense of nostalgia in any 90s kids who grew up in Church. Dance party, anyone?