Through His Eyes, We Are Worthy

Let's be real. Life can be rough. Being the imperfect humans that we are, we have a tendency to get things wrong sometimes. We can not take these trials and errors to heart, though. To let these little mistakes define how we see our worth would be the biggest mistake of all. Why? Because God definitely does not define our worth through our flesh's mistakes. He even says we are "more precious than rubies." (Proverbs 3:15) We need to learn to see ourselves through His eyes.

Through His Eyes, We Are: Loved

Love is, in my opinion, the most important principle to live by every day. So many good works can come from one person with a heart full of love. There is absolutely no mistaking that God loves us. Just consider that He sent His only son to die for our sins so that we might be saved. His love for His children is far greater than any this world has to offer.

Through His Eyes, We Are: Called

We are called to be like Jesus. This is the basic definition of being a Christian. However, we are not only called to be like Him, but we are also called to share Him to the world. This is best accomplished when our actions prove that we are someone with a heart for God. Remember, words can say something about a person, but how we portray them will prove it.

Through His Eyes, We Are: Blessed

Everything good in our lives is ours because we serve a gracious God. When we lay our burdens at His feet, He takes and transforms them into something that is beneficial to us. Our blessings come from His favor for His children. His blessings become more and more apparent as we continue to strengthen our relationship with Him.

Through His Eyes, We Are: Free

Christ dying on the cross for our sins is the symbol for our freedom. Sin and things of this world have no grasp on us. Jesus, himself, said, "If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." (John 8:36) We have been set apart. We have the ability to use this freedom to serve one another. How amazing is that?

Through His Eyes, We Are: WORTHY

Our idea of our worth is minuscule compared to God's. This is just one reason why we should look to Him before we think about looking to the world. He is a never failing, always good, and forever loving God. He knows what we need before we know ourselves. He is a guide and a provider. Trust in him and know you are worthy.

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