Three Times the Trouble: Walking Dead #170 Recap

Three Times the Trouble: Walking Dead #170 Recap

The group has left on their search for Ohio, but will tensions rise before they complete their mission?

The Walking Dead releases a new addition to the comic series on the first wednesday of the month. When we last left off in issue #169 of the comic universe, Dwight had just threatened Rick, Maggie left to go rebuild Hilltop (and Carl as well), Jesus and Aaron were confirmed to be dating, and Michonne, Eugene, Magna, Yumiko and Siddiq started their way to Ohio. As issue #169 was a filler and only part one of the latest arc in the universe, there’s only so little time before we witness escalation- and it could be sooner than expected.

Issue 170 brings new love, new turmoil, and new answers to questions that have been on fans’ minds since issue #133. But let’s start at the beginning!

The first major thing to happen in the article is how Rick tells Jesus to keep an eye on Dwight. In 169, Rick had originally put Jesus on the team to go to Ohio but he Declined in favor of staying with his new boyfriend, Aaron. In the same issue, Dwight ends up turning on Rick because of the “Sherry Incident”. Now, Rick is putting Jesus in Charge of making sure Dwight does not step out of line, which is a smart move. If there is anything TWD readers have learned from the series since first happening upon Jesus, it’s that he is dependable and observant. Those traits are needed for a man like Dwight, especially when he states that he “shouldn’t have stopped” at a simple threat (discussed more in depth further down). Just a question, Dwight- is it really worth killing a man over a woman who left you?

We then see Maggie is still dwelling on Negan, which is easy to do when a man beats your husband to death with a baseball bat. She dwells so much, however, that even so much as a conversation is lost on her. I just wonder what is going to come from this- not in the way of asking “what will Maggie gain?” but in the way that moves the plot. Will Dante mention what he sees to Maggie and will she suddenly hit a soft spot for him? Will Negan see Dante? Or will his sentimental moment at Lucille’s grave mean nothing? It’s intriguing, at least, to speculate what she might learn, or refuse to learn, from having someone spy on him.

Laura and Dwight then have a heart to heart about what Dwight had done, and this is where Dwight mentions that he shouldn’t have stopped at the threat, and perhaps should have gotten more physical. In the scene, Laura ends up taking control and telling him that what he was doing is not worth it for a Sherry, and that he is much better off without her. This is why Laura is a better match for Dwight than Sherry has ever been in the course of their relationship. Dwight is a very vulnerable, very impressionable character, and we see this in the way that he completely disregards what Rick says about how Sherry attacked him, and the way Laura tells him (for the second time, mind you) that Sherry was not good for him.

Dwight is still awestruck by Sherry, but Negan was right when he claimed she was a ladder climber- Dwight is just the only one who is oblivious to her actions. Laura, on the other hand, tells him the blatant truth, and cares for his well being rather than what would get her further. She is tough as nails, and could knock him down (emotionally) when he get’s too caught in the moment. Laura and Dwight could make a great duo if only he let go of his former wife, and hopefully in the future, they may be able to work through their differences.

On the topic of Rick, however, Kirkman has confirmed that Rick may not make it to the end, and at this point it looks as if Dwight is getting closer and closer to breaking. He even states that Negan and Rick are no different, which is true, but what is even more ironic is the fact he means that they are both “monsters”. This is amusing because just panels later, we see Rick having a heart to heart with Mikey (son of Paula, a casualty in the war) and Negan having a heart to heart with the grave of his beloved bat-wife, Lucille.

The idea that both characters are alike in so many ways is eerily suspicious. Much like Kirkman claims Rick will die, he also stated that Negan was not suppose to last past the war. With how similar, yet different, Rick and Negan are in this issue alone (heart to heart moments, both having a target on their back), wouldn’t it be entirely plausible for them to die around the same timeline?

Issue 170 also does justice to the Richmond group consisting of Magna, Yumiko, who have been a personal favorite group since they were first introduced in issue 128, and have had little development up until now.

The Ohio group continues on the road to their destination, and in the middle of the evening it is revealed that Magna and Yumiko are in a relationship when Eugene catches them in the middle of the act. There’s nothing much to say on this except it is a pleasant surprise considering the foreshadowing done when former Richmonder, Luke, had a crush on her, and Yumiko claimed he was “probably crying into his pillow because she refuses to have sex with him.”

Siddiq and Michonne almost attacked by a walker, and are forced to relocate and eventually enter the abandoned city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Things get messy when the group is settled when the girls are in their group, and Eugene confronts Siddiq about how he has been acting odd. Siddiq, admits that he has felt guilty because of all Eugene has done for the group, specifying how Eugene studied the herds, designed the windmills, and even saved his life. Finally, Siddiq confesses that Rosita loved him. Although it is not stated, this is evidence enough to speculate the baby in which Eugene offered to care for prior to her death is his, and Eugene does not look a bit thrilled.

Throughout the twenty one pages, issue 170 is one of the most well developed issues of the series, giving light to each character without having any story overshadowed, and leaves three different pairs that have drama just waiting to boil. Rick verses Dwight, Maggie versus Negan, and Eugene verses Siddiq, each storyline is unfolding so well and so quick that it leaves readers wondering if another death is around the corner.

Cover Image Credit: Image Comics

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